How Big Is A Savannah Cat

Savannah cats are a popular hybrid that’s been around since the 1980s. They’re thought to be the result of breeding a domestic African serval and an Asian leopard cat, but some people think they’re actually a cross between a domestic cat and an Asian leopard cat. Savannahs come in all shapes and sizes, from large to small, so it’s important for potential owners to know what size their new feline friend will be when fully grown.

How Big Is A Savannah Cat

Savannah Cat Size

Savannah cats are medium-sized cats. They are not as big as lions, but still larger than servals, even though the latter have been known to grow up to 25 pounds. The F1 Savannah cat is the biggest with the F2 and F3 being smaller in size.

How Big Does a Savannah Cat Get?

Savannah cats are large, muscular cats that can weigh up to 30 pounds. Their bodies are larger than the average domestic cat but still much smaller than a Bengal.

Savannahs have long legs and tails, making them appear even taller than their size would suggest. Their legs are straight rather than bowed like many breeds of domestic cat, which gives them a more streamlined look when they run or jump. They also have a wide chest and shoulders compared to their hindquarters, giving them an hourglass shape when viewed from above (a trait they share with other big cats).

Savannahs’ coats vary in coloration depending on their individual genetics: some may have spots or stripes while others only have solid body fur coloration; however most Savannahs have dark brown patches on their heads that continue down either side of the face before stopping at around the mouth area where it becomes lighter brown or yellowish-orange until reaching underbelly levels where it becomes white again despite being surrounded by very dark brown/black fur coloration patterns throughout most of its coat length areas

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F1 Savannah Cats – The Largest Generation

Savannah cats, the result of a cross between a domestic house cat and a serval, come in several different generations. The F1 Savannah cat is the largest of their generations, and males can grow to be as large as 20 pounds (9 kg), while females are typically smaller than that.

F1 Savannah cats are not as massive as their wild ancestors—the Serval has been known to weigh up to 40 pounds (18 kg). However, they’re still bigger than your typical house cat; an F1 male will typically weigh around 16-20 pounds (7-9 kg) while an F1 female weighs about 12-16 pounds (5-7 kg).

F2 Male and Female Weight And Size

The F2 male and female weight and size are a little different from the males. The F1 male Savannah cat is usually between 6-8 pounds. However, the F2 male Savannah cat can weigh anywhere between 4 to 10 pounds.

The female Savannah cats have an average weight of about 5-6 pounds for the F1 and 4 to 7 pounds for the F2 cat.

F3 Male and Female Weight And Size

The average weight of an F3 Savannah Cat is between 15 to 17 pounds. Male cats are larger than females, with males weighing in at about 17 pounds and females weighing around 15 pounds on average. If you’re looking for a smaller cat, consider getting an F4 or lower generation Savannah Cat because they will generally be smaller than their higher generation counterparts.

In terms of height, expect your Savannah to grow up to 17 inches long (the tail excluded) while they weigh around 16-17 lbs in the male category and 15-16 lbs in the female category.

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F4 Male and Female Weight And Size

Savannah cats of different generations have different weights and sizes.

The F4 male is the largest generation, weighing between 14-17 lbs (6-8 kg). The F3 female is the smallest generation, weighing between 9-12 lbs (4-5 kg).

F4 males are larger than F3 males; however, both are larger than their counterparts in other generations.

F4 females are smaller than F3 females; however, both are smaller than their counterparts in other generations.

Savannah cats come in a lot of sizes and shapes.

If you’re looking to buy a Savannah cat, you should know that there are a lot of differences between the different generations of Savannah cats. The type and size of your kitten will depend on its generation, gender and gender combination, so here’s what you need to know:

  • Size – The first generation (F1) Savannahs can be anywhere from 5-20 pounds depending on the gender and genetic makeup. F2 cats are typically smaller than F1 cats, but their size depends on the generation as well as gender mix. Female F2s tend to have smaller bodies than male F2s.
  • Shape – You might think that all species who share wild ancestors would look similar or at least similar enough for it not matter too much whether or not they’re related at all; however this is not actually true! For example if we compare lions with tigers we’ll see that though both species belong within the same genus Panthera (which means “panther”), there are major differences in body shape and structure between them despite having very similar fur patterns.
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Savannah cats are a wonderful addition to any home. They’re playful, energetic and have a lot of personality. But if you’re considering getting one, remember that they come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. There’s no right or wrong way to raise your new feline friend!

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