Cattle Handling Systems For Sale

Are you looking for a way to keep your cows safe and secure? Cattle handling systems are exactly what you need.

Cattle Handling Systems For Sale

Cattle handling systems for sale.

Cattle Crushes:

Ensure the safety of your cattle during loading and transportation with a cattle crush. Our cattle crushes are designed to handle large volumes of animals safely and efficiently. We have an extensive range of heavy duty free standing crushes, portable models, and self-aligning rail crushes that can be used for both stockyards or feedlots.

Our sheep handling systems allow for quick and easy loading onto trucks, trailers or cars without having to go through the stress of handling each animal individually. We supply everything from single tier sheep trailers that hold up to 25 animals at one time through to multiple level tie down systems capable of carrying 150 head per load!

Cattle crush

A cattle crush is a device used to restrain cattle for the purpose of veterinary treatment, branding, or other routine management practices. Cattle crushes are also commonly used for restraining livestock for sorting purposes.

Cattle crushes may be used for cattle, horses and other livestock. The design of cattle crushes varies depending on their application. They can be found in different sizes with different types of construction materials as well as accessories added onto them such as hydraulic lifts and gates that open and close automatically when activated by remote control from a distance away from the animal being restrained inside it’s confines

Sheep handling

Sheep handling equipment is available to help improve animal welfare and the efficiency of the handling process. The right sheep handling system will make a huge difference in your operation’s efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

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Sheep crushes are used to hold animals while they are being loaded into trucks or trailers. Some of our sheep crushes have doors that open and close automatically while other models require manual operation. We also offer various options for loading pens depending on your needs:

  • Loading chutes can be used at any angle – horizontal or vertical – making them ideal for small spaces with limited space available behind the animal loading area (such as trailers). These units often feature hydraulic cylinders that allow you to easily adjust height based on animal size so these systems can accommodate both small or large livestock without having to purchase multiple machines.
  • Ramps for ramps allow you load animals directly into trailers without having anyone standing inside during transfer operations; this helps prevent falls from occurring during transfers which could potentially cause injury if someone were standing inside while loading occurs because they may not be able to see what is happening outside due to darkness or poor visibility within trailer during night time hours when most cattle haulers operate their vehicles

Heavy duty cattle crushes

Heavy duty cattle crushes are the most important piece of equipment that you need to properly handle cattle. A cattle crush is a device used to restrain or confine animals, usually on their sides. It can also be used to immobilize an injured animal for veterinary care or treatment.

Cattle handling systems vary in size and use, depending on the type of operation and how many animals are handled. Some handling systems include overhead gates for loading into trucks, trailers or railcars; panels that swing open so handlers can access the animal; fencing panels with gates for corrals; sliding doors for sorting pens; mechanical catching devices like an upright grab bar that swings out from above but does not touch the animal’s head (commonly used as a single-animal restraint); mechanical chutes which may have swinging side gates and/or tensioned steel cables along its length allowing handlers control over which direction they want the animal moving toward them when entering their desired location such as onto a scale platform or feed bunk location within a barn area.; etc

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Everything you need to keep your livestock safe.

  • Stock handling equipment such as cattle crushes, sheep crushes and cattle handling systems are essential for keeping your livestock safe. A crush can be used to hold animals in place while they’re being treated, fed or branded. Cattle crushes are available in manual or electric models so they can be used on both small and large farms alike. Sheep crushes have been manufactured from a range of materials including steel, aluminium and plastic – so you can find one that suits both your budget and the size of your flock.
  • Cattle handling systems for sale include everything you need to keep your cattle safe during transportation and handling activities:
  • Cattle crush – A sturdy construction designed for holding cows still during treatment or transport (available in manual or electric versions).
  • Sheep crush – A portable device that keeps animals still when being treated or transported (available in various sizes).

As a leading manufacturer of livestock handling equipment, we offer a wide range of products for sale. Whether you’re looking for sheep equipment or cattle crushes, we have everything you need at our store. To learn more about our products and services, please visit our website or contact us today!

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