Zucchini Companion Planting

Zucchini Companion Planting

Growing zucchini (or any other squash) is relatively straightforward: plant it, wait for it to grow, and enjoy. Zucchini plants are known to be pollinated by bees and other insects, so no additional gardening help is required. However, there are some things you can do to make growing zucchini easier. If you’re looking for companions that will help your zucchini thrive while also adding color and flavor to your garden—and maybe even deter pests—then look no further than these five plants!

Zucchini and Squash Can Be Companions

  • The cucumber and its closely related relatives. If you’re looking for companion plants that will benefit from the same soil, water, and light conditions as your zucchini, then consider what else grows in the same family. Cucumbers are a good choice because they also love to grow up trellises. Zucchini and cucumbers are both members of the Cucurbitaceae family.
  • Squash plants (including pumpkins) are another option for companion planting with zucchini because they all belong to the same botanical genus: Cucurbita pepo. In addition to sharing similar growing habits and preferences for soil pH levels and sunlight exposure, squash plants attract beneficial insects—like ladybugs—that help control pests like aphids on your zucchinis! But if you grow them together too closely, it’s possible that their vines could cross-pollinate each other producing mixed fruit instead of purebred varieties like ‘Sunburst’ or ‘Waltham Butternut’.

If you want to experiment with mixing different types of squash together while still maintaining pure strains within each group then try interplanting them instead: plant one row at least 30 feet away from another so there’s less chance for cross-pollination between rows (but still close enough together so they can reach each other without having any issues).

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Marigolds Repel Zucchini Beetles

  • Marigolds are a great companion plant for zucchini, both in the garden and in containers.
  • Marigolds repel zucchini beetles, so if you have them growing nearby when your squash plants start producing fruit, you may be able to avoid an infestation of these pests.
  • In addition to being a good repellent for beetle pests, marigolds can also help deter aphids on your garden plants by releasing their own chemicals into the air which repel these insects. The more marigold plants you have around your garden beds, the better protected they will be against bugs!

Pole Beans Help Zucchini Grow

>Pole beans are a great companion for zucchini. They help the zucchini grow up and tall, growing fast and strong. The pole beans act as support, so the zucchini can spread out its leaves to soak in the sun. The pole beans also help keep pests away from your zucchini plants, making it easy to grow healthy fruits without having to worry about bugs or other critters eating them before you do!

Nasturtium Adds Nutrients to Soil

Nasturtiums are a great companion plant for zucchini because they add nitrogen to the soil. Nasturtiums have beautiful flowers, which can also be used as an edible garnish.

Basil Adds Flavor to Zucchini Dishes

Basil is a great companion plant for zucchini. It’s a great herb to add to zucchini dishes, and it attracts bees, which pollinate zucchini flowers.

If you’re growing your own basil, make sure it has plenty of sunlight. Basil grows better when planted near other plants that give off heat and humidity, so consider planting some near your cucumbers or tomatoes if you’re looking for an extra boost in flavor!

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When you pair plants that do well together, your garden will have fewer problems.

Companion planting is a method of planting different types of plants together. This can help your garden grow better and have fewer problems, because some plants create an environment that helps others grow (and vice versa).

For example, if you plant tomatoes with basil, the basil will help repel pests from the tomatoes. In contrast, if you plant marigolds around your cucumbers and squash plants, they will repel harmful pests for them too. To learn more about companion planting check out this article on how to do it yourself!

The next time you plant a garden, try out some of these companion plants. You’ll be surprised at how much easier it is to grow vegetables when you pair them with other vegetables that like similar conditions.

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