X9 John Deere Combine Specs

The X9 1100 provides the largest grain tank capacity and unloading rate in our lineup. This is a machine that can do it all. With a feeding area of up to 1,170 square feet and with up to 1,000 bushels of grain storage available, you can focus on harvesting while the X9 feeds itself. This is no ordinary combine.


The model year refers to when the combine was manufactured. The model number tells you which category of combine this is, and the model type indicates which series it’s in. For example, a “96” means the combine was built during 1996; an “X9” means it’s in John Deere’s X-Series (the “X” stands for “extreme”); and an “6810R-SZW14” means it has 14 row heads along with a mobile platform option.


The type of combine is one of the most important specifications to consider. There are two types: self-propelled and pull type. The type will determine how to use the machine, as well as whether or not it has an engine.

Self-propelled combines have engines that power their own blades and move through the field independently of an outside source like a tractor. This means that you don’t need to hook up your tractor in order for it to work—it’ll do all of its own work by itself! You can compare this with a pull-type combine, where you must hitch up your tractor in order for it work properly on its own wheels because there is no engine on board like there would be with a self-propelled model (and if there was then why would you need any kind at all?).

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Rotor Width

  • Rotor Width:* This is the width of your rotor, and it’s expressed in inches.

What this means is that if you have a 60″ rotor, then it’s 60 inches wide. That’s pretty simple!

Engine HP

The X9 John Deere Combine Specs engine is a turbocharged and intercooled engine that delivers outstanding horsepower. The latest generation of this powerful machine is a 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel engine with common rail injection. It produces up to 200 hp at 1,800 rpm and can generate an astonishing 1,100 pound-feet of torque at 1,000 rpm.

Lift Capacity

The combine’s lift capacity is the maximum amount of grain it can harvest. It has a lift capacity of 20,000 bushels and a grain tank capacity of 40,000 bushels.

Grain Tank Size

The grain tank size is an important spec. The grain tank size determines how much grain you can harvest and store, as well as how much you can sell. A larger grain tank size (like the X9 John Deere Combine) means that you have more capacity to carry more harvested crops, which translates into higher potential profits on your farm or in your business.

Level Land Feeding Area (sq ft)

The level land feeding area is the total area that can be covered by the combine in a single pass.

As you might have guessed, this is a very important spec for farmers with large acreages. But it also comes into play if you’re thinking about buying a used combine or renting one for your smaller fields. For instance, if you plan to cut hay on just one half of your farm, then having one of these larger combines will give you more flexibility in how much time and money you spend on harvesting crops each year.

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If we look at the X9 John Deere Combine Specs table above and compare it to some other popular brands of combines (such as Great Plains), we see that they all offer similar features while still falling within different price ranges—the X9 has some extra bells and whistles but costs more than other models because its construction quality is top-notch!

Hillside Feeding Area (sq ft)

The Hillside Feeding Area (sq ft) is the area where the grain is fed from.

How big is it? The dimensions of this section are determined by the size of the machine’s boxes and augers, which means that you can use this dimension to determine how many acres of corn or soybeans your combine can feed in one pass.

The larger this number, the more land your combine can cover in a single pass! It’s important to note that these numbers represent an average over every acre on your farm—not every square foot within those acres. Also keep in mind that these measurements are based on standard Federal yield data and don’t account for loss due to compaction or other factors.

This is what is in the 2018 X9 John Deere Combine

This is what is in the 2018 X9 John Deere Combine:

  • Model: 4800R, 4200R, 4150R, 4400R and 4600R
  • Type: Standard and High Clearance
  • Rotor Width (ft): 85/1.5 or 86/1.5 (X9 Only)
  • Engine Horsepower: 400hp to 500hp (X9 Only)
  • Lift Capacity (bu): 12000 to 17000 lbs depending on model chosen
  • Grain Tank Size (bu): 26 bu to 34 bu depending on model chosen
  • Level Land Feeding Area per Hour: 1 acre – 3 acres depending on model chosen * Hillside Feeding Area per Hour: 0.3 acre – 1 acre depending on model chosen

Of course, if you want to see these specs in person, there’s only one thing to do: go check out the combine (and maybe even take it for a test run)!


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