Where To Find Nightcrawlers

Earthworms are used as fishing bait and in composting, but finding them can be a challenge. Even if you have easy access to a compost pile, the worms in the pile won’t leave their home until it’s dark out and they’re safe from predators. Even then, they’ll stay close to their habitat. Luckily, nightcrawlers migrate between places with moist soil. While you can find them by digging around beneath trees where it’s damp at night, there are easier ways to get them (like buying from a farmer!). Here are some of the most common places where you can find them (or order them without having to look for them yourself!):


Nightcrawlers are attracted to the moist soil of a lawn, and the soil near a compost pile. Nightcrawlers are also attracted to the soil near a garden and by streetlights.


Nightcrawlers are attracted to the earthy smell of a garden. If you want to attract nightcrawlers, you need to create the right environment for them in your yard. One of the most important things to do is create gardens full of decaying leaves, grass clippings and other organic matter that will appeal to worms. In addition, you should plant flowers that have strong fragrances such as lavender or mint in an area where they can be easily accessed by nightcrawlers so they can get close enough to smell them and come out from below ground in order to find these plants.

Another way that you can attract nightcrawlers is by creating an artificial habitat for them out of cardboard boxes or plastic containers with holes cut into them at one end so they have somewhere safe and comfortable where they can hide during daylight hours before emerging again after dark when it’s safer for them because no predators like birds will see them coming out from underground at this time when it’s still light outside but dark enough underground so that predators cannot see prey moving around on top above ground level yet either!

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Compost pile

Compost piles are a great place to find nightcrawlers. If you’ve ever seen one, you know that these critters love to burrow and bury themselves in the soil. They do so both for food purposes (digging through compost heaps) and also for shelter purposes (burrowing into the ground).

Why would nightcrawlers be attracted to compost piles? Well, as mentioned above, they’re attracted to both the source of food and shelter that a compost pile contains. The worms are able to stay warm under the pile while they feast on decaying organic matter like leaves or dead plant material.

By streetlights

Nightcrawlers are attracted to light because they are nocturnal. They spend their days underground, quite literally in the dark, and at night they come out foraging for food. [1] With this information in mind, it shouldn’t be surprising that nightcrawlers are attracted to street lamps. The lamps provide them with warmth as well as light; these creatures prefer to live near sources of warmth because their bodies and skin tend to be cooler than ours (they’re cold-blooded).

on cement or asphalt

Nightcrawlers can be found on cement or asphalt in the summer. They will burrow in warm, moist soil, but they can also be found under rocks and logs. When it gets cold at night, they will burrow into your garden to keep warm.

A nightcrawler farmer who sells them to bait shops.

A nightcrawler farmer who sells them to bait shops. If you have access to a worm farm, or know someone who does, the most reliable way to get nightcrawlers is through a direct source. Worm farmers sell their products in bulk and are usually happy to make any special requests. If you’re not a fan of digging around through dirt (who can blame you?), this may be the most convenient option for getting your hands on some fresh worms.

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You can find nightcrawlers in places where the soil is moist.

Nightcrawlers are a type of worm that is typically used for fishing. They can be found in places where the soil is moist, such as compost piles and gardens.

Ultimately, nightcrawlers aren’t too hard to find. If you want a good place to look for them, keep in mind that they prefer places where the soil is moist. By keeping that in mind, you’ll be able to find places where nightcrawlers are likely to be hanging out.

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