Where To Buy Raw Milk Near Me

Where To Buy Raw Milk Near Me

If you want to buy raw milk, you have many options. You can buy it from us at the farm store or get our pasteurized milk through one of these stores. You can also purchase our raw milk and have it shipped to where ever you are if you don’t live near us.

We are not a raw milk dairy.

We cannot legally sell raw milk because we are not a raw milk dairy. Our cows are pasteurized before the milk is bottled, so it does not qualify as “raw” under state law. We do offer you a choice of either pasteurized or ultrapasteurized (UHT) milks from our farm-fresh dairy products, but most customers prefer our 100% Grade A Pasteurized Milk product line. This ensures that you always have access to great tasting and nutritious dairy products no matter where you live!

We only pasteurize our milk.

Pasteurization is the heat treatment of milk to destroy harmful bacteria, such as E. coli and Salmonella. Pasteurization does not kill good bacteria and enzymes that are beneficial to your health. Pasteurization does not improve the nutritional value of milk; in fact, it destroys many nutrients by destroying enzymes and probiotics (good bacteria). Pasteurizing also destroys vitamin C and B12, folic acid, lactic acid and pyruvate.

Pasteurized milk has a longer shelf life than raw/unpasteurized milk because raw/unpasteurized contains natural anti-bacterial properties that help preserve freshness, while pasteurized doesn’t have those properties anymore once you’ve killed off all the good stuff during pasteurization!

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You can purchase our milk at the farm store or at one of these stores.

  • [The Grocery Store]:

You can purchase our milk at the farm store or at one of these stores.

  • [The Farm Store]:

You can purchase our milk here, on site!

  • [Your Local Market]:

Get it here, or you might want to check out your local market near me. * If they don’t have it in stock yet, ask them if they would be willing to order some for you if there is enough demand from their customers. As long as you have a copy of this article with all the links and information about where to buy raw milk near me at hand, then everything should go smoothly!

We ship anywhere in the continental United States.

We ship anywhere in the continental United States. We use FedEx to ship our products, and they do a great job of handling your order.

  • Cost: The cost to ship an order of Raw Milk is $20 for a 48-hour delivery window (which is what we recommend). For orders outside of this time frame, the cost increases to $35 per shipment.
  • Delivery Times: Orders shipped within 48 hours will arrive within 2 business days after being placed (excluding holidays). If you select 3 Day Air shipping, your order can arrive as soon as 4 days after it has been shipped; Overnight Shipping will deliver your product 1 day after it has been shipped out from us!
  • How To Order: Ordering from us is easy! Just visit the Raw Milk page on our website and add any items you’d like into your cart before checking out using one of our secure checkout methods – Visa or MasterCard are accepted at checkout!
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You can buy raw milk or purchase it at select stores and get it shipped to you if you don’t live near us.

Where can you buy raw milk in New York state? (Interactive map) -  newyorkupstate.com

Here’s where to buy raw milk, and how to get it shipped:

  • Buy raw milk at a store near you. Make sure the store has a license to sell raw milk. If they don’t, ask them why not. If they refuse to answer or give you a vague answer like “it’s too expensive”, walk away! A store that sells state-approved raw milk will be happy to show you their license and tell you about their process for selling it. Ask if their cows are grass-fed and if their water is clean (raw cow’s milk can become contaminated with anything from E.coli bacteria, antibiotic residue from antibiotics in feedlot animals like cows raised for beef or chicken farms that have been sprayed with pesticides).
  • Buy raw goat’s milk online if there aren’t any stores near your house that sell this type of product.* Try getting some shipped directly from us – we ship out weekly so it arrives fresh every time! We also offer bulk discounts when ordering multiple gallons at once (see below).

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning about the different ways you can buy raw milk. It’s exciting to see how much the market is growing, and we think it will continue to expand in the coming years. We know that some people have concerns about consuming raw milk due to its potential health risks or other reasons, but we believe there are benefits as well—and that it should be an option for those who want it! Our goal at Green Valley Dairy is simply to offer another choice for consumers who want fresh dairy products made on their own farms, from cows raised on pasture or feed grown without pesticides or herbicides.

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