Where To Buy Mushroom Spawn In South Africa

Where To Buy Mushroom Spawn In South Africa

Mushrooms can be a valuable food source, and they’re also a great addition to any garden. Growing mushrooms is easy, whether you decide to grow them indoors or outdoors, but if you want a healthy mushroom crop then you need to get the best quality mushroom spawn.

Understanding Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom spawn is the seeds of the mushroom, and it is used to grow mushrooms. The first step in this process is to buy mushroom spawn. This can be done online or from a specialist store.

Once you have purchased your mushroom spawn, you should keep it in a cool place until it comes time to use it. Your next step is to use this activated fungus spore and put it into growing mediums like straw or sawdust, which will provide nutrients for your crop of fungus until they are ready for harvest.

How To Buy The Best Mushroom Spawn

When shopping for mushroom spawn, look for white and fluffy pieces. You should also look at the packaging to make sure the spawn is free of mold, insects, worms and larvae. The best quality of mushroom spawn will be free of eggs as well.

Making Your Own Mushroom Spawn

Making your own mushroom spawn is a great way to save money and learn about the process of growing mushrooms, but it does require some time, planning, and effort. When making your own spawn for larger mushrooms like oyster mushrooms or shiitakes, you will need to use a pressure cooker to sterilize the jars before adding your substrate materials. This step helps ensure that you are not introducing unwanted bacteria into your jars that could spoil your batch later on in its growth cycle.

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Using clean and sterile materials will also help ensure success with this process as well as when growing out any purchased spawns in an indoor environment.

Where To Buy Mushroom Spawn

Mushroom spawn is available at garden centres and nurseries, where you can buy a bag or two for use in your own home. You can also buy mushroom spawn online, but be sure to look for a reputable seller—mushroom growers are always on the lookout for new strains and varieties of mushrooms, so it’s worth checking if your local mushroom grower has any new algae samples they might need in order to produce some fresh material.


If you’re looking for the best and most reliable mushroom spawn in South Africa, then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve been selling spawn for over 5 years now—and we’re still going strong. Not only that, but we have some of the highest quality products around.

Our spawn is made from 100% natural materials. Our mushrooms are grown from local agricultural land and produce, which helps ensure that all our products can be sold at an affordable price point (without compromising on quality). In fact, many of our customers have reported a reduced cost per pound when compared with other brands (even when taking into account shipping costs) because they don’t need to purchase as much product in order meet their growing needs; this means that what you pay now will go further than ever before!

We also offer several different varieties including oyster mushrooms like Pleurotus pulmonarius or Enokitake like morels like Morchella esculenta so check out our selection today!

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Growing mushrooms can be easy but the first step is to get the best quality mushroom spawn.

Mushroom spawn is the part of the mushroom that produces new mushrooms. It can be bought in various forms, and you’ll need to choose the type that works best for your needs.

There are many different ways to buy mushroom spawn in South Africa, but it all comes down to finding high quality product. There are two options:

  • Buy a premade kit online or from your local gardening store
  • Make your own

In conclusion, we have discussed the different types of mushrooms, how to buy them, how to make your own mushroom spawn and where to get it. Many people still believe it’s hard or expensive to grow mushrooms. But you can get good quality mushroom spawn at a very low price. And all you need are coffee grounds, sawdust and a few other things that are easy to find at any home improvement store. We hope this article has taught something new about growing mushrooms from scratch!

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