Where To Buy Edible Flowers

Where To Buy Edible Flowers

Edible flowers are the prettiest way to top a dessert, add color to a salad, or garnish something simple like ice water. They’re also one of my favorite things to buy at Trader Joe’s. You can find them there for about $4 for 10 stems, which is perfect for whipping up an entire meal’s worth of edible flower dishes! But did you know you can also buy edible flowers in other places? I’ve bought mine at Whole Foods and AmazonFresh before too!

Edible flowers are the prettiest way to top a dessert, add color to a salad, or garnish something simple like ice water.

  • Edible flowers are the prettiest way to top a dessert, add color to a salad, or garnish something simple like ice water.
  • You can grow edible flowers in your kitchen garden or buy them from farmers’ markets and grocery stores. They’re easy to use: all you have to do is pluck one off its stem and pop it into your mouth!
  • The best part about growing edible flowers is how versatile they are: you can eat them plain, use them as garnish for dishes from cakes (like our rose cake) and salads (like our arugula salad), whisk them into sauces—the possibilities are limitless!

If you want to get creative with edible flowers but aren’t sure where to start, consider one of these five ideas:

1. Trader Joe’s

You can find edible flowers at Trader Joe’s in the following places:

  • Produce section. Trader Joe’s sells edible flowers in their produce section as a garnish for salads or to add color to a dish.
  • Frozen section. Trader Joe’s also sells edible flowers in the frozen food aisle of its stores, where they’re used to decorate ice creams, sorbets and other frozen treats.
  • Grocery section. Some grocery stores do not offer fresh flowers but may have packages of dried ones that you can use for cooking and baking (check the expiration date). You can also pick up dried edible flower petals from your local health food store or florist shop—they make great additions to soup stocks!
  • Floral Department: Edible flowers like roses are commonly used by florists because they have a long shelf life and look beautiful on cakes or baked goods meant for special occasions. If you’re planning ahead for an event such as Mother’s Day or Valentine’s Day next year, consider ordering these items several months before so they’ll be ready when needed!
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2. Whole Foods

You can find edible flowers at Whole Foods. They have a wide selection of different types of edible flowers, and you can even buy them in bulk if you want to make your own flower arrangements.

3. AmazonFresh

AmazonFresh offers a wide range of edible flowers, and has a great selection. I would recommend AmazonFresh as the best place to buy edible flowers.

4. Target

Target, the popular American discount retailer, has a wide variety of edible flowers on offer. They have a large selection of edible flowers and an even larger selection of edible flowers. Their edible flower selection is one of the best you will find anywhere—it’s so good that it would be hard not to find something you like here!

The store offers a wide range of potted plants and bouquets in their floral department as well as seasonal arrangements that sell out fast (so go early!). The best part about buying your plants at Target is that they are guaranteed fresh; if you aren’t satisfied with them, they will replace them free of charge within 14 days!

5. Local Farmstand

If you want to support local farmers and their communities, this is the best option. Most of the flowers sold at farmstands are edible, but they do not have very specific labeling. You will need to ask the farmer which flowers are edible and which ones aren’t. If you see a flower you like but aren’t sure whether or not it’s edible, feel free to ask for some advice from one of the workers on-site. They should be able to help!

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Bulk orders are usually required in order for farmers to get the same price per pound as grocery stores or other retail sellers offer, so if you want more than 1 lb at once (a good amount for most people), then buying from a farmstand may be your best bet! However, if you’re only looking for a few ounces here and there every week or so throughout summertime months then another store might work better since they have smaller minimum purchases required before shipping out items like these kinds of plants that grow outside under natural sunlight versus artificial lights indoors all year long without any seasonal changes affecting them at all

You can buy edible flowers in all kinds of places!

You can buy edible flowers in all sorts of places. You can find them in grocery stores, farmers markets and even on Amazon.

You can buy them in bunches, or by the bunch.

And you can get them fresh or frozen—either way is fine!

There you have it! Five places you can buy edible flowers. We hope you found this post useful, and if not then at least fun to read through.

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