When Is Peach Season In Georgia

When Is Peach Season In Georgia

Georgia peaches are one of the most popular fruits in the world. You can find them at farmers markets, grocery stores, and roadside stands throughout the state during their short season. When is peach season in Georgia? Here’s everything you need to know about this delicious fruit:

The Most Flavorful Peaches in Georgia

Georgia peaches are best for so many reasons, but most importantly because they’re the sweetest and juiciest. The Georgia peach season runs from mid-June through July, so you’ll have plenty of time to get in on that action.

Peaches are perfect for eating out of hand or adding to recipes like cobblers and pies. You can also find them canned in syrup or dried as a snack food in the form of chips or candied slices—not to mention their use as an ingredient in things like salad dressings, ice creams, and sauces!

When choosing your peaches this summer season (or any other time of year), always opt for organically grown varieties over those that have been sprayed with pesticides—you’ll be doing your body good while enjoying some delicious fruit at the same time.

The Peach Industry in Georgia

Georgia is the top peach producing state in the United States. The Peach Industry in Georgia is worth $1.2 billion annually and produces nearly half of the U.S. peach crop, which makes up 80% of all peaches grown worldwide.

Georgia’s long history with growing peaches began with Spanish missionaries during early colonization of America, who brought along their native fruit trees to plant in their new home here on Turtle Island (aka North America). Although these first attempts were met with unfortunate failure due to disease and poor weather conditions, it wasn’t long until further attempts were made by other colonists who were better equipped to deal with those issues. They succeeded where others failed by cultivating varieties like Elberta – named after a nearby town – Red Haven, Loring, and many others specifically suited for growing in Georgia’s climate conditions such as summer heat waves accompanied by high humidity levels that would affect other fruits negatively but not peaches! These initial successes led Georgia farmers’ knowledge base on peach production practices throughout time leading up into modern times when we know them today: delicious thick-skinned fruit perfectly ripened for eating during peak harvest season starting around mid-July through August every year when there are plenty available at local markets near you!

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Celebrate Peach Season in Georgia

Peach season is a busy time for Georgia farmers. In addition to the big sales, there are several peach festivals and events held throughout the state. Some of these include:

  • The Georgia Peach Festival in Byron (August)
  • The National Blueberry Festival in Ware County (July)
  • The Northwest Georgia Blueberry Festival in Fort Oglethorpe (July)

If you’d like to celebrate peach season with your friends or family, consider attending one of these events! They’ll give you a chance to sample local peaches grown right in your own backyard.

Fun Facts About Georgia Peaches

Did you know that Georgia peaches are the best? Did you know that Georgia has the most peach trees in the United States? Did you know that Georgia is the largest producer of peaches in America? Did you know that if we were to put all our peaches together, they would weigh more than all of California’s oranges combined?

This last fact is perhaps one of our favorites. And just think: all those other states are eating their own homegrown produce while we’re eating ours! While we don’t want to brag about it too much, it’s safe to say that Georgia has become synonymous with peach production over time—so much so that it’s now known as “The Peach State.”

Fresh Georgia peaches are here!

Peach season in Georgia is from May to October. The beginning of this season is when the first peaches of the year are available. If you want to get your hands on these sweet Southern gems, be sure to head over there soon!

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If you’re not able to make it down south for peach season, don’t worry—you can still enjoy fresh Georgia peaches year-round thanks to their availability at supermarkets across the country. Whether you prefer white or yellow peaches (or both!), Georgia’s unique climate allows for a very long growing season, making them one of the top producers in America!

The peach season in Georgia is a joyful time of year for many people. The state produces about 65% of the peaches in the United States, so there’s no shortage of delicious options! Whether you prefer your peaches fresh or frozen, these juicy fruits are a treat that won’t disappoint. If you’re looking for some fun facts about Georgia peaches or just want to learn more about where they come from, check out our blog post on all things peachy!

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