When Do Cats Reach Full Size

When Do Cats Reach Full Size

Cats reach full size at different ages, depending on their breed and sex. A kitten may be considered full size when it reaches adulthood, between the ages of one and two years old.

Full Size

A cat’s full size is reached between the ages of one and two years old. Many people think that cats reach their full size as soon as they’re adult cats, but this isn’t true. A cat reaches full size when they are fully mature, which happens around two years old.

Cats grow quickly during their first year; so much so that many people call kittens “teenagers.” But don’t worry—your cat won’t suddenly start making bad choices in clothing or music just because he’s passed through adolescence!

Growth Rates

To a great extent, your cat’s growth rate will be determined by genetics and environment. There are some factors that can affect it though:

  • Breed – The growth rates of different breeds of cats vary widely. For example, a Siamese kitten that has three siblings in its litter may be considered small for its breed at five months old, whereas an American Curl kitten in the same litter might look like it hasn’t grown much since birth. Breeds with long coats or very short legs may have slower-than-average growth rates as well.
  • Nutrition – How well your cat eats has a direct effect on how quickly it grows up. If you don’t know where to start when feeding your kitty (or aren’t sure what questions to ask about nutrition), check out our article on how to choose the best cat food for your feline companion!
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While cats do not have an exact height and weight, they generally reach full size between 7 and 15 pounds. The average cat weighs 9 pounds and is 16 inches tall.


When it comes to a cat’s size and weight, there are three things you need to know:

  • Cats reach full size by the time they are one year old
  • Cats reach full weight by the time they are two years old
  • Males are generally bigger than females (though some breeds of cats have less pronounced gender differences in size)
  • Some breeds of cats are bigger than others (and smaller too!)

Breed Differences

As you may know, there are many different breeds of cat. Some breeds are larger than others and some smaller, some more active and others more laid back, some more intelligent and others less so. It’s important to consider these differences when deciding which breed is right for you and your family.

Cats stop growing between the ages of one and two years old.

While most cats reach full size by the time they are two years old, there are exceptions. Maine Coons and other large breeds of cats can take longer to mature. However, this is not a gradual process: The cat’s growth stops all at once after one or two years of age, and it does not continue throughout life.

Because cats are so small when they’re born, it may seem like they grow too quickly. But in reality, their rate of growth is much slower than that of people or dogs. A kitten will typically only gain about one pound per month during its first year on earth—much less than an infant human baby!

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It is important to remember that cats are individuals and may not follow the standard growth curve. Some cats reach full size earlier than others, while some take longer to mature. You should also keep in mind that your cat’s body type will affect how fast they grow as well as their final adult weight.

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