What Poison Kills Rats Instantly

What Poison Kills Rats Instantly

If you’re having a problem with rodents in your home, we can help.

What Poison Kills Rats Instantly

Rat poison is a type of rodenticide, which is a slow-acting poison that causes internal bleeding and eventual death. Rat poisons are usually made up of anticoagulants, or chemicals that prevent the blood from clotting properly. These can include brodifacoum, chlorophacinone, diphacinone, bromadiolone and warfarin (also known as rat-buster bait). When ingested by rats these poisons cause them to bleed internally until they die.

Rat poisons are usually mixed with food so that the rat can eat it without noticing the poison inside; this process has been shown to take anywhere between two days to three months after ingestion for the death of the target animal depending on how much was ingested by them.

Rat Poison Types

There are several different types of rat poisons available on the market, but most fall into one of three categories: pellets, bait blocks and liquid.


The most common type of rat poison is in the form of slow-acting pellets. These are usually about an inch long and half as wide, with a black or brown coloration. Pellets can be purchased online or from a local hardware store—and they’re also available from pest control companies if you’d rather avoid dealing with them yourself. They work by being ingested by rats who then carry it back to their nests where other rats eat it too (and die). The amount of time between ingestion and death varies depending on how many pellets are ingested at once; some people recommend only using one pellet for every 10 square feet to avoid accidental poisoning when dealing with larger areas such as attics or basements!

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Bait Blocks

How Does Rat Poison Work?

Rats are not stupid. They are cautious and will taste the poison with their whiskers and then lick it off. The poison is slow-acting, so they may not feel any ill effects for several hours. Rats have been known to eat as much food in one day as they normally eat in two weeks after eating rat poison! They do this by moving the food around their mouths in order to taste it thoroughly before swallowing (source). This is why you often find dead rats near or on top of the trashcan where you put your trash out at night; they like eating whatever garbage people throw away (source).

How to Choose the Best Rat Poison For Your Needs

When choosing rat poison, you should look for a product that is labeled for indoor use. This means that it has been tested for safety in an environment where people will be living. If the label does not say “indoor use” on it, then do not use it inside your home or garage.

You should also look for a product that is labeled for use in homes, garages and attics. The reason why this matters is because rats can get into any part of your home so it’s important to have something that will kill them even if they aren’t coming out into the open more often than other places where they might find food or shelter nearby like under beds or inside cabinets/drawers which can happen if someone gets lazy about cleaning their room regularly enough when they’re young enough so they don’t know how bad smells like theirs can get stuck between objects after awhile (just ask any kid who lives with other kids whose parents don’t clean up after themselves).

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Having Trouble With Rodents In Your Home? Contact Us Today!

If you are having trouble with rodents in your home, contact us today! We can help you get rid of the rats and any other pest issues that may be plaguing your home.

If you are having a problem with rodents in your home, we can help.

If you are having a problem with rodents in your home, we can help. We are the best at what we do and have been in the business for over 10 years. We have a great track record of getting rid of rodent problems and we have a great reputation. Our customer service is second to none!

If you are having a problem with rodents in your home, we can help.

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