What Is The Difference Between A Bunny And A Rabbit

What Is The Difference Between A Bunny And A Rabbit

Rabbits and bunnies are two different animals that share very similar characteristics. At first glance, the two may seem like one in the same, but they actually have a few key differences. Rabbiting on down to find out what sets these two sweet creatures apart will help anyone know exactly what they’re talking about when they say “rabbit” or “bunny.”

Rabbits vs Bunnies

The key difference between bunnies and rabbits is that bunnies are baby rabbits and rabbits are adult rabbits.

Bunnies are generally smaller than adult rabbits, but this isn’t always the case. Baby rabbits grow rapidly until they reach maturity at about six months old, when they’re called full-grown adults or “rabbits.” At this point they officially become adults and start living on their own (or with other adults).

Because of their more rapid rate of growth, bunnies tend to be more docile and friendly toward people than adult rabbits, who have had time to develop some independence from humans during their first six months as a baby bunny. Bunnies are also generally less independent than adult rabbits—they tend to be more social with other animals in general—which may mean that your new pet rabbit would enjoy spending time around children or other pets (like dogs).


Rabbits are lagomorphs, which means they are related to hares and pikas. Lagomorphs all have specialized teeth that make them efficient herbivores. Rabbits live in grasslands, forests and woodlands, and are often found near bodies of water for food and as a source of fresh drinking water.

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Rabbits have long ears that allow them to hear predators approaching from afar. The ears also help keep the rabbit cool in hot weather by allowing air to circulate around its body. Rabbits have long hind legs that enable them to hop great distances at high speeds when they feel threatened or need protection from predators such as coyotes or wolves.

The front paws of rabbits contain four toes (two toes on each paw) while their back paws only have three toes on each side since they walk on their heels like humans do instead of flat-footed like other animals tend not do so well due too much friction between foot pads rubbing against ground during walking motions which causes pain over time unless corrected regularly with proper care such as clipping nails every week or so depending how fast they grow back after being clipped off during grooming sessions–which can vary depending upon breed type as well.”


A bunny is a baby rabbit. However, they are not necessarily bunnies. Baby rabbits are called kittens and puppies, too.

Bunnies are cute and fluffy, but they can also be sweet and cuddly — just like other baby animals! They’re small enough to fit in your hands or lap, which makes them super-easy to hold onto when you want to pet them for hours on end without getting tired! And their soft fur makes for a great pillow if you ever decide to take a nap with one tucked under your chin like this guy did:

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Bunnies make great pets because they’re so easy going; these guys don’t care whether it’s sunny or rainy outside because as long as there’s food coming from somewhere nearby (like an open bag), then everything else will fall into place naturally over time without any effort needed from anyone else involved in planning things out beforehand (like setting up camp). That’s why bunnies make such good friends when camping outdoors together—they’re always ready at hand whenever someone needs something done quickly without having been told beforehand what exactly needs doing; by instinct alone they know exactly how much pressure there should be applied against their furry bodies before reaching maximum capacity based solely on intuition alone–without even thinking about it!

When someone calls a rabbit a bunny, they are referring to baby rabbits.

When someone calls a rabbit a bunny, they are referring to baby rabbits. They may also be using the term because it’s cute and cuddly. The word “bunny” has been used in this context since at least 1884, but it may have been around longer than that.

Bunnies are different from rabbits because they are babies while rabbits are adults. However, many people use the terms interchangeably even though they shouldn’t (as we’ll discuss below).

Rabbits can live up to 10 years old if properly cared for and some breeds of rabbits can live as long as 15 years old! When you adopt a new pet rabbit into your home make sure you have plenty of time available before adopting another one so that your current rabbit has time adjust well before bringing another one home with him/her

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You can see that there are many similarities between rabbits and bunnies, but also some key differences. While both of them are members of the rodent family and have long ears, rabbits tend to be bigger than bunnies. Rabbits also have longer hind legs than their front legs which allows them to run quickly while hopping around on all fours!

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