What Is An Animal That Starts With E

What Is An Animal That Starts With E

Animals that start with the letter “e” are all around us, but we don’t always notice them. Some of these animals are quite common, while others are less so. They’re also part of a larger group of animals called mammals, which means that they give birth to live young instead of laying eggs like reptiles or fish do. So if you’re looking for an animal that starts with the letter e, maybe one of these will suit your needs!


The echidna is the world’s only remaining species of spiny anteater. It lives in Australia, Tasmania, and New Guinea. Echidnas are threatened by habitat destruction and predation by feral dogs and cats.

Even though an echidna looks like it would live on land, it spends most of its time in water! In fact, they don’t even have to drink water because they get all the moisture they need from their food: worms and other insects that live under rocks on land or at the bottom of rivers or lakes.

Echidnas can be found on grasslands where there are plenty of ants; however sometimes they’ll move into forests and even snowy areas if they know there will be enough food available for them there (which usually means ants).


Emu is a flightless bird that can be found in Australia. It’s the second largest bird in the world, weighing up to 130 pounds and measuring up to 6 feet tall. In addition to its large size, emus also have very long legs and necks. They have sharp claws used for defense and camouflage, as well as long toes for running on flat ground. Emus are protected by law in Australia because they are considered a threatened species there; however, the population is healthy enough that they’re harvested commercially for their meat and skins (which are sold under many different brand names).

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Eagles are large birds of prey that are found in many parts of the world. They feed mainly on fish, but will also eat small mammals, reptiles, and other birds. The bald eagle is the national bird of the United States of America, which means it’s a very important symbol for America.


Elk are large deer that live in the northern hemisphere. They are the second largest deer in the world, and they live in forests and woodlands. Elk are herbivores, which means that they eat plants and grasses. They are active during the day, but they can be seen at night as well depending on where they live. Elk are hunted for their meat and antlers because these parts of an elk have commercial value to humans.


Elephants are the largest land animals, and they are the only mammals that can’t jump. They have long trunks and tusks.

Elephants are the largest living land animals. Their trunks act as their nose, mouth and upper lip all at once. They eat, drink and breathe through their trunks. Their tusks help them dig for water in dry areas or fight off predators when they’re threatened by lions or tigers. Elephants also use their tusks to strip bark from trees so they can reach a tree’s sweet center of pulp called succulent cambium—the inner layer where nutrients grow—that lies just beneath the bark’s outer surface

Elephant seal

An elephant seal is a type of seal. It is the largest species of seal.

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Elephant seals live in the Southern Ocean, where they’re known as the “elephant of the sea.” They can spend up to 90% of their time in water, but will often come onto land for breeding and molting.

There are many animals that start with the letter e.

You may be familiar with the name of the letter E, but did you know that there are also many animals that start with this letter? The letter E is the fifth letter of the alphabet and it’s an easy one to remember because its shape looks like a person’s mouth when they’re making a happy noise.

E is also the first vowel in eel, which is a type of fish. This fish has an elongated body covered in slime and whiskers, so if you see one swimming through muddy water during your next fishing trip don’t forget to catch it for dinner!

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While there are many animals that start with the letter e, it is important to remember that these are just a few examples. There are many more in nature than the ones listed here.

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