What Do You Call A Group Of Ducks

What Do You Call A Group Of Ducks

Ducks are some of the most adorable animals on earth. They swim, they waddle, and they’re pretty much always doing something cute. But have you ever wondered what you should call a group of them? There are several names for groups of ducks—the word “duck” is even one of them! So let’s dive into this question together and explore the different ways to describe a group of waterfowl in the wild.

A raft of ducks.

A raft of ducks is a group of ducks on water. This can be a large group or a small one, but it’s always together as a single body.

The term “raft” refers to the way that multiple birds act together as they travel across the surface of water in one direction. They may do this because they are flying over water and need to get somewhere quickly, or they might be trying to get out of harm’s way—either way, they’ll stay together so long as there’s no reason for them not to do so (like if there’s an obstacle in their path).

A paddling of ducks.

A paddling of ducks is a group of ducks that are swimming in the same direction.

This is not to be confused with:

  • A circling of ducks, which is when a group of ducks swims in circles. This can be clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • An opposite paddling, which is when a group of ducks swims against each other (or with each other).

A brace of ducks.

A brace of ducks.

The word brace means a set of two. The term is used to refer to any group of two, such as bracelets or bookends. This can also be used to describe a pair of animals such as dogs or rabbits, and even things like the braces that hold your teeth together.

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So when you have some ducks, then they are a brace of ducks!

A blush of ducks.

A “blush of ducks” is a small group of ducks. It can refer to one or two ducks, but it’s not meant to describe large groups of them.

The phrase is used in the United Kingdom and Australia, as well as the United States and Canada.

There are many options for duck groups.

In the United States and Canada, we generally call a group of ducks a “flock.” In the UK and Australia, they are commonly referred to as a “paddling.” In Ireland and New Zealand, they are called “skein.” Other names for duck groups include:

  • A raft of ducks
  • A brace (or pair) of ducks
  • A blush (or blushy) of ducks
  • A team of ducks

You may be wondering why there are so many options for naming a group of waterfowl on land? Well it’s not just because people like to talk about waterfowl! It turns out that the reason for this variety has more to do with the way these animals behave than what humans call them.

When you’re looking at a group of animals, it can be hard to know what to call them. When it comes to ducks, there are many different options that you can use depending on how many there are and what kind of shape they are in. If you want your group of ducks to be as specific as possible or just want something fun for kids, these terms might help!

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