What Chickens Lay Green Eggs

What Chickens Lay Green Eggs

Eggs come in a wide variety of colors and sizes. Some are white, some are brown, and some even have speckles or spots on them. But have you ever wondered what makes an egg turn green? The answer is simple: nothing! Green-shelled eggs are just as safe to eat as any other kind of egg.

Easter Egger

Easter Egger chickens are a hybrid breed that lay green eggs. They are a cross between the Ameraucana chicken and a blue egg laying breed, such as the Araucana. The result is an Easter Egger chicken that lays green eggs. The Easter Egger is also known for being good foragers because it eats bugs, plants and grasses in addition to regular commercial feed.

Olive Egger

The olive egger chicken is a cross between a barred rock and a polish chicken. It has reddish-brown feathers, which can sometimes be greenish in color if the eggs are laid by an olive egger hen, which is the case for most olive eggers. The male of this breed has dark brown tail feathers with white tips and red wattles.

Olive Eggers have been around for decades and some say that they’re one of the best dual-purpose breeds on market today due to their ability to lay small white eggs as well as forage for food outdoors in your yard! The hens tend to lay anywhere from 150 – 200 large cream colored eggs per year!


Araucana chickens are a breed of chicken that originated in South America. They lay eggs with blue shells and have a tuft of feathers on their heads, which they can raise up when they feel threatened. Araucanas are very friendly and good foragers, making them a good choice for backyard gardens or homesteads. This article will discuss the characteristics of Araucana chickens as well as provide information on how to care for your own flock!

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These three breeds of chicken lay green eggs.

These three breeds of chicken lay green eggs, which is a genetic trait. They all originate from South America, and they are:

  • Easter Egger
  • Olive Egger
  • Araucana

Chickens lay green eggs for a variety of reasons. If you’re interested in getting some chickens to keep on your homestead, these breeds are perfect for you! They lay an assortment of colored eggs which means there will always be something new and exciting to look forward to. While the color of the eggshell doesn’t necessarily affect its nutritional value or taste, it can make cooking with them more fun!

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