Tractor Hire Rates Per Hour In South Africa

Tractor Hire Rates Per Hour In South Africa


If you need a tractor for work, you should know that the rates vary depending on their condition, age and size. The following are some examples of how much it costs to hire a tractor per hour:

Mini Tractor Hire

Mini tractors are small, light and versatile. They can be used for a wide range of tasks, such as:

  • Agriculture: Mini tractors are ideal for cultivating the land or transporting produce. They’re also used to plant seeds and fertilise fields.
  • Construction: Mini tractors are ideal for use in construction sites; they can dig out holes for pipes and cables, move building materials around, lift heavy loads up ladders or onto scaffolding, pull skips full of debris over rough ground etc.
  • Horticulture: These machines are used to maintain gardens and lawns (e.g., aerating the soil with a tiller attachment), transplanting plants from one spot to another etc.

In addition to these common applications – which we’ll discuss in more detail below – mini tractors have many other less-obvious uses around your farm/business premises (or even in your home garden). For example:

Compact Tractor Hire

Determining your need for a compact tractor is simple: if you are doing a small job, or if your land is too small to require anything larger than a compact tractor, this is the machine for you. Compact tractors are sometimes rented for just the day and sometimes have longer rental periods.

They come in many varieties, from 2150cc to 3000cc. There are also many different brands available on the market today, so it’s important that you know what features would be most beneficial before choosing which one might suit your needs best. Some compact tractors even have four wheel drive capabilities so they can be driven across rough terrain with ease!

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These machines are ideal for small farms and hobby farms because they allow farmers/ranchers more flexibility when working with livestock or crops such as wheatgrass plants (which require lots of manual labor). They’re also used quite often around residential areas because homeowners don’t always want their lawn maintenance crews driving large equipment around their yards all day long–this way they can get everything done faster while still maintaining quality control over their property (and keeping yard clutter down!). However like most things these days there will always be exceptions where people prefer certain things over others no matter how much time passes by; in this case it means using larger machines instead :)”

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Utility Tractor Hire

Utility tractors are the most common type of tractor. They are used for a wide variety of applications, from farm work to construction and landscaping. Utility tractors come in all shapes and sizes, from small compact utility tractors with 1.1 to 2 horsepower, to larger 5-6 horsepower models.

These machines can be fitted with attachments such as backhoe loaders, front end loaders, mowers and more. The size of an attachment depends on the engine size of your utility tractor – so if you want something larger than what is available by default at the dealership (such as a 3-point hitch), you may need to choose another model with a bigger engine that allows for heavier loads such as those mentioned above!

Row Crop Tractor Hire

Row crop tractors are used for ploughing and cultivating. These machines are available in sizes from 20HP to 90HP, with diesel and petrol engines that use 2WD or 4WD configurations.

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Tractor hire rates per hour:

  • Small 20HP trowers: R45/hour
  • Medium 30HP trowers: R55/hour
  • Large 40HP trowers: R70/hour

There are four types of tractor hire in South Africa

  • Mini-tractors are ideal for small farms and properties. They are easy to maneuver, making them perfect for jobs that require precision and accuracy. They are also quite versatile: they can be used for cultivation, seeding, spraying and general work around the farm or property.
  • Compact tractors can be used on narrow, uneven terrains where larger models would have difficulty moving around comfortably.
  • Utility tractors provide more power than mini-tractors but still have a compact design which makes them easy to maneuver in tight spaces. Their powerful engines make them ideal for heavy duty tasks such as ploughing your fields or loading bales into your barns at harvest time!
  • Row crop tractors are a step up from utility tractors because they feature hydraulic lift arms which allow you to attach implements directly onto the tractor by simply lifting the implement up into place with minimal effort required by yourself (or whoever is driving). These implements include harrows/cultivators – which help break up clods of soil after ploughing so seeds can get better access to nutrients in the soil; seed drills – which sow seeds evenly across large areas without any human intervention needed; sprayers – which apply pesticides onto crops without chemicals getting mixed together thanks to cleverly designed nozzles etcetera).


We hope that this article has helped you understand tractor hire in South Africa and the different types of tractors available. If you have any additional questions about hiring a tractor, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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