Steven Crowder Change My Mind

Steven Crowder Change My Mind

In the past few weeks, Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind has gone viral. In his videos, he invites people to come on camera and “change his mind” about topics like abortion or gun control. The format is simple: He sits in front of a green screen and poses as a devil’s advocate for the topic at hand. Then, he receives an opposing point of view from an anonymous caller who usually makes an emotional argument rather than a logical one—and then tries to “change” Steven’s mind by making him feel bad about disagreeing with them.

Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind

Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind is a series of YouTube videos in which Steven Crowder invites guests to discuss their views on topics that he disagrees with. There are two fundamental flaws in the show’s philosophy and format.

First, Steven Crowder uses his platform to insult his fellow panelists instead of having an actual debate. He often makes fun of the way they dress, talks over them, stares at them while they’re speaking, and uses rude and disrespectful language toward them (e.g., “you’re wrong”). The purpose of these tactics is so that he can convince people watching at home that he won the argument even if it isn’t true—which brings us to our second flaw: The show’s entire purpose is to get clicks and views on YouTube rather than actually change anyone’s mind about anything!

How it Works

  • Submit a video to Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind.
  • Record yourself making your case, and submit it to Steven Crowder. You can also call in to the show.
  • The format is simple: You make your case; then Steven will ask you questions about your position.
  • Be prepared to defend against the most common objections from people who disagree with you!
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What is the philosophy behind this? What is the goal?

The goal of the Change My Mind project is to have a conversation with someone who disagrees with you. The philosophy behind this is that the best way to have a conversation about an issue is to actually have a conversation about it. As such, we’ve chosen a format where people can come in and simply state their opinion on something and then try to convince each other through logic and reason.

You might think this sounds boring, but as any good debater knows, sometimes the most important part of winning an argument isn’t proving that you’re right — it’s proving that your opponent isn’t wrong!

What are some of its fundamental flaws?

Final Thoughts

One thing that’s clear from these videos is that Steven Crowder isn’t really interested in having a constructive conversation. He’s aware of this fact, and he makes no attempts to hide it. Instead, his Change My Mind videos seem designed as vehicles for him to present his opinions in as entertaining a way as possible—and if they happen to change some minds here or there, so much the better. This doesn’t mean you can’t get something out of them—they’re funny and interesting—but it does mean that if you’re looking for actual answers on any topic, then perhaps this isn’t the place to find them.

If you want a more straightforward way of getting people into your own content (and who doesn’t?), then by all means give Change My Mind a try. Just don’t expect anyone else’s opinion but Steven Crowder’s own when watching these videos; chances are good he’ll be talking about himself anyway!

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Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind isn’t a good way to have a constructive conversation, but it can be interesting.

The Steven Crowder Change My Mind series is more of a collection of mini-videos than a real show, and it’s easy to see why. In theory, the idea of putting two people on camera and asking them to discuss an issue in front of an audience is good: it allows for passionate debate that can be both educational and entertaining. But when you actually see how this plays out—especially with guests who don’t agree with Crowder’s political views—it becomes apparent that these videos aren’t so much “productive conversations” as they are just arguments between people who already agree on everything else but disagree on some small aspect.

The format isn’t bad by any means; if anything, the videos can be quite engaging if you’re into watching people argue over minutiae (which I am). It’s also interesting to see which topics get chosen for discussion: abortion rights, free speech at universities (with Ben Shapiro), firearms laws…these are all topics that often incite strong reactions among viewers on either side. This adds to the appeal for those who want to get involved in debates about them online or offline; if you’re looking for some extra entertainment from arguing with like-minded individuals about something important enough for them to make their own Change My Mind video about it!

Steven Crowder’s Change My Mind is an interesting way to have a conversation. The format of the show is designed to be entertaining and funny, which means that sometimes it feels like you’re watching comedy rather than a serious debate. If you’re looking for something more in-depth and serious, this probably isn’t the show for you. However, if you want something lighthearted with some good debates thrown in there as well, then give it a shot!

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