Portable Cattle Working Systems

A portable cattle working systems is a great way to make the job of ranching much easier. You’ll have everything you need in one place and you can move it easily when the time comes. However, it’s not an easy thing to do right. You need the right equipment and you need to understand how it’s all supposed to work together. We will teach you everything you need to know about this process, which includes a three-step process that brings your cattle in, holds them on one side of your system while they are being worked on by a veterinarian or other professional, and then safely releases them on the other side of your system so they can return to their home pasture.

Portable working systems bring a lot of advantages to your ranch operation but it requires lots of work to get it right.

Portable working systems are a great idea for many ranches. They bring many advantages to your operations, but it requires lots of work to get it right.

A portable working system helps you improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your cattle handling operation by providing a more comfortable environment for cattle and handlers alike, as well as allowing them both greater freedom of movement than they would have outdoors in the weather or winter conditions.

There are several factors that determine whether you should go ahead with purchasing a portable working system or not:

Three-Step Process

The three-step process is as follows:

  • The first step involves moving cattle through the crowd alley and into the squeeze chute.
  • The second step involves moving cattle through the squeeze chute and into a holding pen with other animals.
  • The third step is moving cattle from this holding pen out of the system, into a waiting trailer or truck for transport to their next destination.
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Step One: Crowd Alley System

A crowd alley system is a set of corrals that can be moved on tracks. These systems use gates, chutes and headgate panels to control the flow of cattle through them.

How to Build a Crowd Alley System

  • Start with the basics: build your own crowd alley system by setting up 3-foot high panels around the perimeter of a pasture. You’ll need three rows of panels to make up two blocks that are 6 feet apart, with each block containing two small pens. Use barbed wire or electric fencing to keep cattle within their boundaries until they’re ready for processing at another location (such as a packing plant). If you want more flexibility in moving cattle from one spot to another on your property, consider building an enclosed track system instead—this kind of setup allows for faster movement between pens because there aren’t any gates involved!

Step Two: Squeeze Chute

A squeeze chute is a piece of equipment that uses hydraulic power to force the animal into a smaller area, which helps keep it calm. It can be used to vaccinate or castrate cattle, as well as control their movement and separate them from other animals.

Squeeze chutes are used for many reasons in working with cattle. They help prevent injury because they allow workers to use minimal force on their arms and hands when moving cattle around. They also provide better control over the animal’s movements than other methods like ropes do since there’s no risk that the rope will slip out of your hand unexpectedly if you lose your grip during an operation such as castration or vaccination – which could cause serious injury in some cases! A squeeze chute ensures that all movements made by both people and animals stay within safe boundaries at all times during these procedures too.”

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Step Three: Holding Pen

The third step of the process is to build a holding pen. The holding pen is where you will sort your cattle and perform other necessary tasks.

The most important thing about building a holding pen is that it be big enough for all of your cattle at once. You also want it to be easy to work with, whether it’s large or small, so make sure there are no sharp edges or corners on the inside or outside of this area, as this prevents injury from cuts or falls. There should also be plenty of room in between each animal while they’re being sorted out one by one so they can move freely without bumping into anything else nearby (like another animal). Having these things in mind should help keep workers safe while also making sure everything runs smoothly during each task!

Portable cattle working systems make things much easier for the rancher and for the cattle

Portable cattle working systems make things much easier for the rancher and for the cattle. They can be set up in a more convenient location, and they are also easier to move around. This allows you to use them in multiple locations, which is especially helpful when you need to gather or move cattle in different areas of your ranch.

A portable system allows you to work with smaller numbers of animals at one time as opposed to having to push all cows through a chute by hand.

If you’re looking to streamline your ranching operation, portable cattle working systems are a great way to do it. Sure, they may cost a little more upfront than traditional methods, but the day-to-day benefits that come with them make up for it in no time. Plus, by making things easier on yourself (and your cowboys), you can focus on other important aspects of your ranch that don’t involve wrestling large animals into submission.

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