Pomeranian Husky Mix Full Grown

The pomeranian husky mix, more commonly known as the Pomsky, is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Siberian husky. The breed is becoming popular because of its striking features that include blue eyes, fluffy fur, and small ears. This dog breed can be an excellent companion for people who love pets but don’t want to deal with shedding. It’s also great for apartments since it doesn’t need much space and can fit anywhere you want it to go.

The pom-husky has been bred since 2008, so we know more about this dog than most other hybrid breeds out there today. They’re small dogs with long legs that make them very agile and energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise every day to stay happy and healthy.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Size

Pomeranian Husky Mix Size

The average weight of a Pomeranian Husky Mix is between 10-20 pounds, which is similar to that of the Pomeranian. They also have a lifespan of 12-15 years, which is slightly longer than that of their parent breeds.

  • The size and weight of your Pomeranian Husky Mix puppy can vary greatly depending on whether you have a purebred or mixed breed Pomeranian Husky mix dog. In general, however, both parents are small and compact dogs so you can expect your puppy to be small as well with an average height ranging from 8-11 inches at the shoulder and weighing around 12-15 pounds when full grown.*

Pomeranian Husky Mix Teeth

Poms have a lot of teeth, but they aren’t very good at chewing. They are prone to dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay. This can be fixed with proper care and regular visits to the vet for checkups.

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It’s important for you to brush your Pom’s teeth regularly so that she does not develop these problems in the first place! A good rule of thumb is to brush her teeth once per day before bedtime. You should also give her daily treats that are specially formulated for pets with dental issues—they will help clean her teeth more effectively than just brushing alone would do!

Pomeranian Husky Mix Weight

The Pomeranian Husky mix weight is between 8 to 15 pounds, but the average Pom-Husky weighs about 13 pounds. The larger variety of this breed can weigh anywhere from 15 pounds to 18 pounds.

Pomeranian Husky Mix Cost

Cost of a Pomeranian Husky Mix Puppy

The cost of a puppy, whether full grown or still in the growing stage, is dependent on many factors. The breeder will determine how much you pay for your new pet. You can find pom-husky mixes from reputable breeders online at sites like [the site here]. If you want to see what is available locally, check out your local shelters and rescue groups!

Cost of a Full Grown Pomeranian Husky Mix Dog

The cost of raising a full grown dog depends on many factors as well. Most importantly, it depends on whether or not you have already purchased all the necessary equipment prior to purchasing your pup (bedding/food/toys). The numbers below are based on an average weekly expense over the life span of this type of dog:

Pomeranian Husky Mix Lifespan

The life expectancy of a Pomeranian Husky Mix is 12-15 years, but they may live longer if they are properly cared for. The most common reasons that a Pomeranian Husky Mix will not live as long as expected include:

  • Poor diet
  • Lack of exercise
  • Living in an unhealthy environment
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Pomeranian Husky Mix Temperament

Pomeranian Husky Mix Temperament

This is a mix between the Pomeranian and the Siberian Husky. These breeds are very different in size and appearance, but they do have some things in common. They both love to play outdoors and they love to be around their family members. The Pomsky is considered an active breed that craves attention from its owner, so this dog needs regular exercise or it will become destructive if left alone for long periods of time.

A Pom-Husky is a fun, lively dog with a lot of energy.

A Pomeranian Husky mix is a fun, lively dog with a lot of energy. It’s important to know what you’re getting into before bringing one home, so here are some basic facts about the breed:

  • Size (20-26 lbs)
  • Teeth and Gums (Dental Care Is Important)
  • Weight (20-26 lbs)
  • Cost
  • Lifespan

It’s also important to know that these dogs have sharp teeth and should be supervised when around small children or other animals.

If you’re considering getting a Pom-Husky, make sure that you have the time and energy to devote to them. They are small dogs with a lot of energy and will require more attention than some other breeds. If you can give them the time and care they need, then they will be an excellent fit for your family!

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