Planting Dahlias In Raised Beds

Dahlias are among the world’s most popular garden plants, and for good reason. They’re easy to grow, beautiful in bloom and make excellent cut flowers. Their many flower types offer countless choices for beds, borders and containers. Dahlias are also versatile; grown as perennials in warm climates, dahlias can be lifted in fall and overwintered indoors in cold climates. So how do you get started? In this guide we’ll show you the basics of planting gorgeous dahlias in raised beds:

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Straight from the greenhouse, the roots of these dahlias are crippled by weeks of insufficient water.

Dahlia roots are very sensitive to root damage. They are grown in a greenhouse, so they are not used to the outdoors and regular watering.

Clean up dead foliage, remove any weeds and lightly rake over each raised bed.

After you’ve cleaned up dead foliage and removed any weeds from your raised beds, it’s time to prepare the soil for planting.

You want to lightly rake over the soil in each raised bed so that it is free of clumps and crumbs. Don’t dig up or add compost at this point; we’ll do that once all of our dahlia roots are planted.

We plant dahlia bulbs approximately 1 foot apart in all directions.

We plant dahlia bulbs approximately 1 foot apart in all directions. You can plant them closer if you want to produce a shorter flower stalks or have only a few flowers per stalk, but we recommend spacing them at least 12 inches apart for best results. If you are planting them in garden beds, dig holes that are deep enough to accommodate the bulb’s depth and then fill with good soil.

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After filling all your holes with dahlia bulbs, water thoroughly to settle the soil around each one.

After filling all your holes with dahlia bulbs, water thoroughly to settle the soil around each one. This will ensure that there is no air trapped between the bulb and its new home. Air pockets can cause roots to rot and then die back as they try to push through this barrier. Watering also helps settle any loose soil inside your raised bed. Make sure you’ve watered well enough so that it’s not too wet! If the surrounding soil is too wet when you plant the bulbs, they may rot before they grow roots because they cannot absorb enough oxygen from their environment.

Return to the greenhouse, retrieve more plants and repeat until finished.

Planting dahlias in a raised bed is easier than planting them in the ground. Dahlias are a perennial flower that can be planted in the spring and bloom all summer. They’re a great choice for your first time planting raised beds, as they require little maintenance beyond watering during dry periods.

Once you’re done planting all of your dahlias, return to the greenhouse and retrieve more plants. Repeat this process until you’ve finished planting all of your dahlia bulbs!

Raised beds make all the difference when you’re planting dahlias.

Raising your dahlias is the best way to ensure that they’ll get off to a good start.

  • Raised beds are easier to work in because you don’t need to bend down as much when planting and cultivating, which can be especially helpful if you’re trying to grow over-sized dahlias like I am.
  • Raised beds also make it easier for me to maintain them, since I have access from all sides of the bed and can easily reach down into the soil. If my plants are growing too close together or they’re not receiving enough sunlight, I can shift things around easily by moving part of one plant or another closer towards or away from another plant.
  • And finally, while this may seem like an insignificant detail compared with drainage and ease of access, raised beds just feel better on your feet! It’s nice not having dirt squish up between your toes when stepping onto wet ground after watering your plants at night (or after giving yourself a pedicure).
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The raised beds make all the difference, as they allow us to plant and space out our dahlias evenly. Planted in soil with plenty of drainage and nutrients, these beauties are guaranteed to grow big and strong for years to come.

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