Performance Built Log Splitters

Log splitters are often overlooked because the main purpose of them is to simply turn a large log into smaller, more manageable pieces. However, even though they’re not the most glamorous piece of equipment in the garage, I’ve found that choosing the right log splitter for your needs can save time, money and headaches. Performance Built Log Splitters have been designed to be built to last and provide years of dependable service through all weather conditions. These log splitters are made with heavy duty steel construction, which provides stability and durability in any environment. The log splitter also features heavy-duty stainless steel fasteners and comes standard with a 5-year limited warranty on parts and labor.

Performance Built Log Splitters

Performance Built Log Splitters are designed to provide years of dependable service. They are manufactured from high quality, heavy gauge steel to withstand the long hours of continuous use demanded by professional log splitters. These machines feature a durable chain driven sprocket which greatly increases log splitting performance and reduces maintenance costs over time. These chain drive sprockets also have an extra-thick cover plate that prevents dirt, dust and other debris from entering the chain area making them virtually maintenance free for years of trouble free operation.

The Performance Built lineup of commercial log splitters is available in four models; two manual cylinder models (PM-33A/BX), one semi-automatic cylinder model (PM-80A), as well as one automatic cylinder model (PA-15). Each machine features heavy duty steel construction with corrosion resistant powder coat paint finish along with an adjustable front rollers for easy back roll splitting capability along with adjustable rear rollers for perfect side splitting every time! All machines come standard with power shift transmission allowing easy adjustment between high and low speed settings without having to remove chains!

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Larger than Average Base-Plate

The base-plate of these log splitters is larger than most, with a 22-inch by 24-inch platform that provides increased stability and pressure on the wood. This allows for less force to be applied to the logs during splitting, which means you can do it for longer without getting tired.

Stable Footing

The correct footing is essential when buying a log splitter. The wrong footing can cause the splitter to tip over, wobble or rock on uneven ground.

The key to stable footing is ensuring that the log splitter’s base is evenly balanced and that it sits firmly on the ground without moving.

Manufactured to Provide Years of Dependable Service

When you invest in our top-of-the-line log splitters, you’re investing in a piece of equipment that is built to last. Each one is manufactured from high quality materials and will provide years of dependable service. These machines are built to last, so you can count on them working well for many years—even if your family grows or your needs change over time.

Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Fasteners

Stainless steel fasteners are used in a variety of applications because they resist corrosion, are strong and durable, and have excellent heat resistance. In log splitters, stainless steel fasteners can help prevent rusting and corrosion damage to the machine’s overall structure.

For example, when you’re looking at your log splitter brand options as well as deciding which model is best for you, ask yourself what type of materials will be used in its construction? Are there any potential issues with rust or corrosion? They may not happen often but it’s important to know what type of maintenance may be required down the road.

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No More Rust!

Stainless steel fasteners are used to fasten the parts of the log splitter together. This makes it much harder for rust to form, and thus means that you can have a long-lasting product that performs better than ever before.

With stainless steel fasteners, you’ll see a longer life span on your log splitter, fewer maintenance issues and less money spent having your equipment repaired or replaced!

It also means that you get a safer product – which is great news for those who want their business or hobby to be as safe as possible!

Larger Than Average Base-Plate

The MTD Pro-Series log splitter has a larger than average base-plate. This makes it more stable, more durable and easier to handle for people of all ages. The large base plate also provides a larger surface area for the logs to rest on so you don’t have any trouble splitting them.

The MTD Pro-Series log splitter is designed with durability in mind. It’s made with high quality steel throughout the body which gives it more weight behind each stroke which allows you to split bigger pieces of wood that other splitters can’t handle without breaking down or losing their balance while they’re operating them. There’s no need to worry about this model giving out on you mid-way through your work day because it has been built with longevity in mind!

Performance Built Log Splitter is a great log splitting equipment.

  • Performance built log splitter is a great log splitting equipment.
  • The Performance built log splitter has a high quality construction.
  • The Performance built log splitter has a large base plate. This is good because it provides stability when in use and prevents slippage as you are splitting logs.
  • The Performance built log splitter has a stable footing, which also helps to prevent any type of movement or slippage during operation.
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We hope this article has helped you decide which log splitter is right for your needs. With so many different models, sizes and capabilities it can be a tough decision. If you have any questions about any of the Performance Built Log Splitters, or would like to place an order please call our sales team at (844)-402-WOOD or visit our website at

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