Peace Lily Poisonous To Cats

Peace Lily Poisonous To Cats

The peace lily, or spathiphyllum, is a popular houseplant. It’s also poisonous to cats. If a cat ingests this plant, it can become very sick and possibly die.

How Peace Lilies Affect Cats

How Peace Lilies Affect Cats

Cats are attracted to the plant’s scent. The peace lily emits an odor that mimics cat urine, which is why a cat may be drawn to it. Cats will often rub against the leaves for this reason and potentially ingest some of the plant’s sap during this process.

The nectar from the peace lily flowers can also attract cats because of its sweet taste, further increasing their risk of poisoning if they consume large amounts.

Cats are also drawn to peace lilies because of their leaves’ unique texture and shape, which many felines find irresistible to chew on or play with—this chewing behavior can lead to ingestion of some peace lily sap, again increasing their risk of poisoning. And while you may think your cat prefers chasing birds out of his territory rather than munching on flora all day long (we know ours do), keep in mind that he could still be making himself sick here—just ask any mother whose child has come home covered head-to-toe in pollen after playing outside!

How To Recognize Poisoning

If you suspect your cat has eaten a peace lily, take them to the vet as soon as possible. Signs of poisoning include vomiting, diarrhea, drooling and lethargy.

Levels of Poisoning

If a cat ingests a peace lily, it can become very sick and possibly die. If the cat has ingested a peace lily, it will most likely be sick for 24-48 hours.

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What You Can Do

If your cat has ingested peace lily, call the ASPCA Poison Control Center at 888-4ANI-HELP. They will provide instructions on what to do next. If your cat has eaten part of a peace lily pollen sac, your vet will likely want to induce vomiting to keep as much of this compound from being released in the body. If your cat shows any signs of poisoning (vomiting, diarrhea), take him to the vet immediately because he could need hospitalization for further treatment.

If you think someone else’s pet may have eaten part of a peace lily plant, call APCC at 888-426-4435 for veterinary advice or visit them online at

Long-Term Effects

Long-Term Effects of Peace Lily Poisoning in Cats

Many cats will not show any signs of peace lily poisoning for several days after ingestion. However, when the toxicity does finally present itself, it can be severe and even fatal. If you notice your cat displaying any symptoms at all (whether or not they seem life-threatening), contact the vet right away. The sooner treatment begins, the better chance your pet has of making a full recovery.

If a cat ingests this plant, it can become very sick and possibly die.

Cats can become sick and possibly die if they eat peace lilies. Peace lilies are poisonous to cats, but not so much that they will kill them on the spot. However, if your cat ingests this plant, they may very well become very ill or even die from it. The reason for this is because peace lilies contain a toxin called neothallium (which is also found in certain types of mushrooms). This toxin can cause liver damage in cats and other animals who ingest it.

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If you think your cat has ingested some peace lily leaves or flowers and your cat exhibits any of the following symptoms: vomiting, diarrhea, lethargy; seek immediate veterinary attention!

If you think that your cat may have eaten a peace lily, it is important to act quickly. If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, contact your veterinarian immediately. The sooner treatment begins, the better chance of recovery.

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