Most Profitable Flowers To Grow

A lot of people take up gardening as a hobby, but there’s no reason you can’t make some money while you’re at it. If you have a green thumb, or even an average-colored thumb, growing flowers could be the way to make your gardening dreams come true! But not all flowers are created equal when it comes to profit potential. We’ve compiled a list below of the best flowers for turning a profit while also looking darn good in your garden.


Calendula is a very easy plant to grow and is a great choice for beginners. It requires full sun, but will thrive in partial shade as well. Calendula prefers moist soil and does best in temperatures between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use calendula petals in salads or as garnishes on dishes like potato salad or coleslaw. Calendulas are also great for drying as they make lovely additions to dried flower arrangements!

Calendulas are annual plants that grow about 1 foot tall with bright yellow flowers that bloom from mid-summer through late fall (if planted near your other flowers that bloom later). They are generally hardy plants with few problems aside from pests like aphids or slugs invading their territory – which means you won’t need much maintenance care once they’re established in your garden bed!


Sunflowers are a great choice for the beginning gardener. They grow quickly, have a low maintenance level, and are easy to harvest. Sunflowers are also one of the most popular flowers when it comes to pollinators. With all these factors considered, sunflowers make an excellent choice for beginner gardeners looking for something unique and profitable!


Snapdragons are a great choice for beginners in the flower garden. They are easy to grow and have a long flowering season, making them ideal for beginners. Snapdragons also thrive in containers, so if you don’t have much space, this is a good option. The drought-tolerant snapdragon is hardy enough to be planted directly into the ground or even hanging baskets!

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Lavender is a perennial herb that grows in a variety of shapes and sizes. It’s typically purple, but sometimes lavender flowers are white or light blue.

Lavender is one of the most popular flowering plants for home gardens because it is easy to grow, has attractive flowers and makes an excellent addition to flower beds.

In addition to its attractive appearance, lavender also has many uses in the home garden:

  • Lavender oil can be used as an insect repellent on plants; rub leaves together to release the oils when pests appear on your plants.
  • The scent from this herb helps repel mosquitoes and other insects from your garden.


The delphinium is a popular and beautiful flower that can be grown to sell. This particular type of flower, which comes in many different colors, is easy to grow and will give you a lot of profit. You don’t need much experience in horticulture or gardening to successfully grow delphiniums. In fact, anyone can do it!

With this post we will take a look at what makes this plant so profitable, how easy it is for beginners and experienced gardeners alike to cultivate them successfully as well as some tips from experts who have grown these plants themselves before.


Zinnias are easy to grow. They’re tolerant of drought and can be planted in containers. Zinnias are a great choice for beginners, kids and schools!

Zinnias are a good choice for beginners because they don’t take up much room and require little effort to get started. They also provide color early in the season which is great because once fall arrives it will be too late to plant most flowers that bloom in springtime (like tulips).

The bright colors of zinnia plants make them perfect for kids who want flowers – but only small ones at first! Most gardeners recommend starting children with annuals like marigolds or petunias instead of perennials like hydrangeas or roses because perennials take longer before blooming than annuals do – so if your child wants flowers right away then go with an annual like zinnia instead!

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Hyacinths are the most profitable flower to grow, according to US Department of Agriculture data. They are easy to grow and produce fragrant flowers that are good sources of nectar for bees. They also produce pollen, which bees love!


Dahlias are a great choice for a sunny garden. They’re easy to grow, long-lasting and blooming from summer through fall, making them an ideal choice for beginners. Dahlias are also bees’ favorite flowers.

If you love the look and smell of dahlias but don’t have the time or patience to grow your own, consider purchasing potted dahlia plants instead!


The ranunculus is a bulbous flowering plant in the buttercup family Ranunculaceae. The name “ranunculus” is derived from the Latin word “rena”, meaning a frog or a little frog, and the diminutive suffix “-ulus”, meaning small.

The flowers of these plants are usually bright red, yellow or orange and have five petals that form something like an umbrella shape around ten stamens (male reproductive parts). The same structure can be found in some other members of this family such as poppies, columbines and aquilegias.

The leaves are generally long and thin with toothed edges, but sometimes they may also have serrated edges too depending on where you live or how far north/south your garden grows them!


Tulips are a popular choice for flower growers because they’re a perennial bulb flower that can grow well in cold climates. They’re also very easy to grow, making them a great addition to any gardener’s garden.

Tulips are grown from bulbs, which typically produce one or two flowers per year. The bulbs can be planted in the fall or early winter months (depending on your region), but they must be kept indoors until spring, when temperatures rise above 50 degrees F and then planted outside. When you plant your tulip bulbs it’s important that you dig deep enough so that the top of the bulb is at least six inches below ground level; no more than eight inches should remain above soil level! Watering regularly will help keep them healthy until they bloom next season—and if you do your job right these beautiful flowers will last up to two months!

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Flowers can be a profitable crop if you choose the right ones to grow.

While some flowers are easy to grow, others take more time and attention. If you want to maximize profits, choose flowers that both grow well in your climate and have a high market value. In addition to choosing the right plants for your area, it’s important to select varieties that are hardy enough for your soil and sun exposure (the amount of sunlight received).

The following list includes some of the most profitable flowers for home growers:

  • Roses – Roses can be grown from seed or purchased as potted roses from nurseries or garden centers. They require daily maintenance but also provide beauty with their flowers.
  • Chrysanthemums – Another perennial favorite is the chrysanthemum flower. These plants bloom in late fall through early spring depending on when they were planted; however, they’re easily overwintered indoors if needed by being harvested before frost-killing temperatures arrive in your region.

The most profitable flowers to grow are ones where buyers will pay the most for them. This means choosing flowers that are hard to source or unusual. You should also consider whether you can start growing early in the season or late for niche markets. Flowers that have a long vase life and hold up well in bouquets are also good choices, especially if you plan on selling them at retail outlets like farmers’ markets.

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