Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network

We envision a food system in Mississippi where healthy, nutritious and culturally appropriate food is available to all. We work toward this vision by working with farmers, businesses and consumers to create opportunities for economic development, agricultural growth and sustainable practices that enhance the quality of life for all Mississippians.


MSAN’s vision is to build a sustainable food system in Mississippi that is rooted in the values of environmental stewardship, economic viability and social justice. To fulfill this vision, we will engage all sectors of the state in beneficial dialogue about how to meet their needs for good food while ensuring that our planet has the natural resources needed to sustain life as we know it.


The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network is a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable agriculture in Mississippi. We provide educational opportunities for farmers, promote the use of locally grown foods in our state, and protect farmland and wildlife habitat. Our mission is to create a sustainable local food system that ensures healthy communities with abundant natural resources and wildlife populations.

We are dedicated to improving the quality of life in rural communities through education, outreach and hands-on experience related to sustainable agriculture practices such as organic farming methods (no synthetic pesticides), native seed banking (saving seeds from current year’s harvest), permaculture design principles (using natural systems on site to reclaim degraded land), alternative energy technologies like solar panels or windmills at farm sites.

Who We Are

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) is a network of farmers and others in the food system to build a healthier, more sustainable food system. We are a network of farmers, community members, and organizations working together to achieve this goal. We believe that everyone has a role in building healthy communities by growing their own food or helping others to do so; getting involved with MSAN is one way that you can contribute!

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Membership is open to anyone who supports sustainable agriculture. Membership is voluntary and based on the principle of one member, one vote. Membership in MSAN is open to individuals, businesses, and organizations that support our mission and vision for Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture, including:

  • Farmers who grow food using sustainable practices
  • Community-supported farms that sell produce directly to consumers through subscription models
  • Restaurants that serve locally produced food (within reason)
  • Businesses interested in supporting local farmers through procurement or financial support


Board of Directors:

  • President – Josh Moseley (Co-Founder, Mighty Earth)
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Toby Beddoe (Founder, Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network)
  • Director At Large – Andrew Weil (Associate Dean for Public Programs, University of Arizona College of Medicine)

Staff and Volunteers

The Mississippi Sustainable Agriculture Network (MSAN) is a nonprofit organization funded by the USDA and the state of Mississippi. MSAN’s staff and volunteers are passionate about sustainable agriculture and dedicated to our mission, vision, values and goals.

The MSAN is a non-profit focused on connecting farmers

The MSAN is a non-profit focused on connecting farmers, educating the public and supporting sustainable agriculture. The goal of the MSAN is to increase the number of small farms in Mississippi by providing resources for farmers to grow more food while doing so in a sustainable manner.

We hope this summary has provided you with some great information on what sustainable agriculture is, why it’s important, and how we’re striving to help in our mission. We want anyone who’s interested to join us!


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