Illinois Crop Insurance Planting Dates 2021

Illinois Crop Insurance Planting Dates 2021

With 2020’s planting deadline behind us, it’s time to look ahead at what 2021 will bring us. Here are the Illinois crop insurance planting dates for corn and soybeans to help you plan your spring and summer:

Last year, we shared the 2020 Illinois crop insurance planting dates for corn and soybeans.

We’re all about that plant-by-plant life, and we know you are too. That’s why we want to help make sure you stay on top of the Illinois crop insurance planting dates for corn and soybean crops—knowing these dates is key when it comes to planning your spring planting schedule.

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In 2019, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) announced that they had extended the deadline for Illinois farmers to file their 2020 crop insurance policies until April 30th due to excessive rainfall during the early part of this year’s growing season. While some farmers took advantage of this extension, others did not—so here are some tips on how to plan ahead based on what we know about last year’s dates:

The 2021 season isn’t far away, so here are the Illinois crop insurance planting dates for 2021, as well as a few important details to remember.

Crop planting dates are determined by the Illinois Department of Agriculture based on historical data. The average last frost date, average first frost date and killing frost dates set the window for farmers to plant crops in a given year. These dates factor into whether you purchase insurance coverage for each crop type and what kind of coverage to purchase. For example, soybeans planted after May 1st are not eligible for hail insurance because they don’t have sufficient time left in their life cycle before winter sets in.

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In 2021 there were two major weather events that impacted planting season: one was an April heat wave followed by record-breaking rainfalls throughout the state followed by another unseasonable cold snap that hit around mid-May across much of Illinois; this caused widespread delays at all stages of farming with some farmers only starting their seeds indoors as late as June 15th or later! In fact it was so long ago that many may not even remember what happened now!

Crop Insurance Planting Dates

Illinois crop insurance planting dates are based on the number of days between the date of purchase and the first day of the month in which your crop is planted. There are different planting dates for each crop, county and insurance company. The table below provides a list of Illinois Crop Insurance Planting Dates 2021.


Corn planting dates vary by state. Illinois corn planting dates, for example, are typically between April 3 and May 1. The corresponding figure for neighboring Iowa is April 10 to May 10. The range for the US as a whole is March 22 to May 3 and for the Midwest it’s March 15 to May 2.

To find out your state’s official corn planting dates, check out the USDA’s website or download its app (this information has been taken from that page).


Soybeans are planted from mid-May to mid-June, depending on the average last frost date in your area. Each crop insurance company has its own planting date guidelines, so check with your agent or planter operator for specifics.

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Know your local Illinois crop insurance dates so you can work around them and make sure your fields are insured.

Planting dates are important for both the insurance companies and farmers. The insurance company needs to see that your crop was planted on time, but the farmer also needs to know that the crop will be covered by insurance if there’s a natural disaster or other event that causes damage to his field.

To make sure you’re planting on time, check with your local Farm Service Agency (FSA). They’ll tell you what planting dates are best for your area and give advice about how much time it will take for crops in different locations so they can develop properly before harvest season starts.

In addition to knowing when each state’s FSA office opens and closes, it’s also important to know when most other FSA offices open their doors throughout the year—and it’s even better if they stay open late into December because some plantings happen after Thanksgiving Day weekend! It helps keep fields ready for harvest too!

Now that you know the Illinois crop insurance planting dates for 2021, it’s time to get ready for next year’s planting season! Be sure to check out our blog for more content about crop insurance and other topics.

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