How to Make a Caramel Frappe From McDonald’s

There are many ways to make a caramel frappe at home. You just need a smoothie maker or an ice blender, and some low-calorie sugar substitute. You can also make it with your coffee maker, and store it in the freezer. Then, when you’re ready to enjoy a caramel frappe, you just pop it in your freezer and enjoy! No matter what flavor you want, you’ll have a tasty treat on hand.

Caramel Frappe is more expensive than caramel and mocha

You can also try to make your own version of the Caramel Frappe from McDonald’s at home. There are a couple of things to keep in mind. The syrup used by Mcdonald’s is Torani caramel sauce, so you can experiment with the flavor if you’d like. You can also switch out the ice cream topping, too – try Mrs. Richardson’s butterscotch caramel or Hershey’s. A straw is also a great way to suck up the caramel.

The Frappe is not as expensive as the coffee at Starbucks. It’s about the same price, but it has much more caramel than the Mocha. This drink also has more sugar and trans fats than the Mocha, so you may want to avoid it. It also tastes a lot better than a Starbucks Frappuccino! And you can get it in smaller, medium, and large sizes – which is great if you’re on a budget.

Vanilla Ice Cream

In case you’ve never been to McDonald’s, you’re in for a treat! You can now purchase a vanilla ice cream cone for $1! This is a limited-time offer at participating McDonald’s locations, so be sure to order yours before it’s gone! Just keep in mind that the ice cream may melt before it gets to you. But don’t worry! You can still save money by ordering a soft serve sundae with a McDonald’s app!

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The soft-serve in the McDonald’s shake is a nice treat. It is thick, custard-like, and creamy, with a very prominent vanilla flavor. The shake is served in small, medium, and large sizes. If you’re looking for something a little more decadent, you can try the Hot Fudge Sundae, which combines vanilla ice cream with hot chocolate fudge.

Brewed Coffee

To make a replica of the Caramel Frappe from McDonalds, you must have a blender or ice cream maker. Ordinary blenders will leave large chunks of ice in your frappe. Instead, you can use a low-calorie sugar substitute. Adding ice gradually is a better way to control the consistency of your frappe. If you want yours thicker, you can gradually add more ice.

In addition to the Caramel Frappe, you can also order a cup of brewed coffee or an espresso. Both coffees contain the same amount of espresso, so you can get a rich java for an affordable price. Both coffee drinks and espressos are made using 100% Arabica beans. For espresso, you can choose between two milk options – light or full-fat. The iced coffees contain light cream. The Frappes are priced the same as the brewed coffee.


When a West Virginia woman claims she received more than she paid for in a Caramel Frappe From McDonald’s, it’s time to get suspicious. The drink may contain live fish, but the woman doesn’t know that. Her lawsuit is a perfect example of how the McDonald’s Frappe is not what it’s cracked up to be.

The menu at McDonald’s includes a variety of options, ranging from salads to burgers to desserts. A variety of beverages and starters are also available, including smoothies, shakes, and even some fruit. There are also several $3 sandwiches, so there’s something for everyone. There’s even a Caramel Frappe From Mcdonald’s Price Filet-O-Fish!

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