How Much Does The Average Cow Weigh

How Much Does The Average Cow Weigh

The average cow weighs between 1,000 to 2,000 lbs. The heaviest cow on record weighed 3,300 pounds and the smallest cow weighed only 84 pounds.


The Holstein is a sub-type of dairy cattle popular for its large size and high milk production. It originated in the Netherlands, where it was used for dairy farming by Flemish farmers. The breed spread quickly across Europe, before being brought to North America by Dutch immigrants.

The Holstein cow is black and white, with white patches on the face, underbelly and tail head. It has a long lifespan (about 15 years), is large (about 1,200 pounds) and strong; it’s also known for its intelligence and docility.

Brown Swiss

Brown Swiss are a dairy breed of cattle. They are known for their high milk production and accounted for over 60% of all dairy cows in the United States in 1995. The Brown Swiss is second only to Holstein-Friesian in popularity as a dairy breed in the U.S., but is more popular worldwide, accounting for over 70% of all dairy cattle worldwide today.

Brown Swiss originated as a European breed developed in Switzerland during the 18th century. In 1846, immigrants brought some cows with them to America; by 1865 there were enough Brown Swiss cows here to register the first herd book for the breed, which still exists today (The Brown Swiss Herd Book).


Jersey cows are known for their small stature and gentle nature. They are a good fit for smaller farms and dairy farmers who have less space, or those who simply want to breed their own cow.

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Jersey cows tend to be docile and easygoing, making them great candidates for beginners. They produce high-quality milk, too, which is low in fat but has more protein than other breeds of cow.



This is a dairy cow that originated on the Channel Island of Guernsey. They are known for their high butterfat content in their milk, which makes them popular among farmers who want to make cheese. The breed also produces a large amount of creamy white colored fat, called “butter”, that can be used for cooking and baking. The Guernsey has a gentle temperament and is good with children; they are usually black or red in color with white spots on their head and legs.


Ayrshire cows are a dairy breed known for their high butterfat content, high milk production, docile temperament and hardiness.

In the United States, the average weight of an Ayrshire cow is 1,200 pounds at one year old. However this number can vary depending on factors such as genetics and environment.

Milking shorthorn

The average weight of a milking shorthorn is 1,200 pounds. The average height is 46 inches. The average lifespan is 15 years. The average milk yield is 6,000 pounds per year. The gestation period for this breed is 285 days, and the litter size is usually 1.5 calves per birth cycle.

Red and poll Durmasts

Durmast is a breed of cattle that originated in Cornwall, England. It is known for its red coat and horns, as well as its hardiness and ability to withstand harsh weather. In addition to being good foragers, Durmast cattle can live up to 30 years—an impressive feat for an animal that weighs about 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms)!

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Cows can weigh anywhere from 900 pounds to 1,900 pounds.

Cows can weigh anywhere from 900 pounds to 1,900 pounds. This depends on the breed of the cow. The average weight of a cow is 1,100 pounds and that’s determined by its breed.

In conclusion, cows can weigh anywhere from 900 pounds to 1,900 pounds. The average cow weighs around 1,200 pounds.

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