How Much Do Rodeo Clowns Make

How Much Do Rodeo Clowns Make

Rodeo clowns are a vital part of the rodeo experience. They provide comic relief during long hours spent watching bulls, horses, and cowboys chase each other around an arena. With over 30 million people attending professional rodeos annually in the United States alone, you might think that clowns make a lot of money for their role as jesters. But how much do they really earn?

$41,829 per year

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average income for a rodeo clown is $41,829 per year. This is based on information from May 2014, and includes all types of rodeo clowns working throughout the country.

If you live in Texas, you can expect to make an average of $35,000 per year as a rodeo clown; California has lower wages at around $30,000 annually; while Florida pays its professionals less than half that amount ($17,048).

$20.18 per hour

A rodeo clown’s hourly wage is $20.18, as of September 2019. This figure is based on a survey of rodeo clowns working for the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA). The PRCA has 8,000 members who compete in more than 300 events in North America each year.

In addition to the above salary information, you may also want to know that:

  • Rodeo Clowns must be able to work in all weather conditions and are often required to attend practices before competing at a rodeo event. They must have an excellent sense of humor and be able to handle stress well when working with animals or people who aren’t happy about being around animals!
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$3,486 per month

Calculating a rodeo clown’s monthly salary is simple, as long as you’re using the right tool. Using our Rodeo Clown Salary Calculator, you can quickly and easily figure out how much you should be making when it comes to your monthly wages. Just enter in your hourly wage after taxes or weekly wage before taxes and see what your monthly income would be!

If you’re looking for an hourly wage calculator instead of a monthly salary calculator then we have that too! You’ll find it right here: Hourly Wage Calculator

If there are any other calculators or tools that will help us calculate rodeos clowns’ salaries then let me know in the comments below!

$806 per week

A rodeo clown is a rodeo performer who helps protect bull riders from being injured by bulls. During a bull riding event, the rodeo clown’s job is to distract the bull from the rider. Sometimes, this distraction includes making funny faces at the animal or waving a large flag in front of it.

In order to protect themselves from being trampled by angry cattle, many rodeo clowns wear protective clothing and headgear that makes them look like cartoon characters with big noses and red dotted shirts. Some even wear colorful costumes that resemble those worn by circus performers!

Some people believe that it’s not safe for these performers to work so closely with such powerful animals, but these professionals say they’ve been doing this type of work since they were children (and have never been hurt). They love their jobs because they get paid well—on average around $806 per week—and can practice their craft year-round since there are professional rodeos held throughout most months except December and January when many events are cancelled due to cold weather conditions in some parts of North America (eastern Canada).

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Rodeo clowns make less than you think.

  • Rodeo clowns make less than you think.
  • The average rodeo clown can only make about $60 per day, which is about $1,800 a year.
  • The median wage for a rodeo clown is around $10 per hour or $20,000 per year.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), the average annual salary for all occupations in 2018 was $37,200 annually or roughly $18 an hour on average—which is roughly equivalent to what these professionals earn.*

Rodeo clowns have a lot of responsibility and have to take their job seriously. They have to make sure that the rodeo goes smoothly and that everyone is safe. It’s important for rodeo clowns to know how much they make so they can plan accordingly for their future expenses or savings goals.

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