How Many Acres Does A Bag Of Seed Corn Plant

How Many Acres Does A Bag Of Seed Corn Plant

Planting season is upon us and the time to get your seed corn planned and purchased is now. You can’t wait for springtime and expect to be in on the best prices, so make sure you have been planning your acres for a while now. Don’t forget to have seed corn bags ordered ahead of time as well. It’s not uncommon for bags to be out-of-stock or backordered by the time planting season starts. Here’s a cheat sheet to help you with how many acres each bag will cover:

This table is based on 80,000 kernel weight and a planting rate of 35,000 plants per acre.

  • Planting rate: 35,000 plants per acre
  • Kernel weight: 80,000 kernel weight
  • Acre yield (lbs.) = [Kernel Weight / (Plant Count x Plant Spacing x Seed/Plant)] x 1000

# of acres planted per bag = Acre Yield / Seed Price

Legal-Size Bags of Seed Corn

  • The most common size of legal-sized bags is 50 lbs.
  • 1.4 acres per bag is the average number of acres covered by a 50 lb bag of seed corn, which is the most popular size and value.
  • The best value in seed corn planting comes from buying larger bags—they’re more affordable and they contain more seeds than smaller bags.

50 lb bags=1.4 acres

In general, a 50-pound bag of seed corn is the most common size. A 50-pound bag of seed corn will plant 1.4 acres.

A 50 pound bag is equivalent to 1.4 acres of seed corn, or 1/2 an acre.

60 lb bags=1.7 acres

The most popular size bag of seed corn is the 60-pound bag. This is not only the most common size, but it also has a lot to offer:

  • For starters, the 60 lb bag is a great value for your money. You get more seed for your buck by buying bigger bags, and you can use them for multiple planting seasons with no problem.
  • The larger size allows for wider coverage as well when spreading out seed on an acreage or farm field. This means less wasted seed and increased efficiency when planting or seeding large areas like pastures or open spaces in rural areas where farming takes place with tractors and plows rather than by hand or other manual methods used by small farmers using their own hands instead of machinery (although this type of labor does exist elsewhere too).
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Bulk Size Bags of Seed Corn

When you’re planting seed corn, it’s important to know how many acres a bag of seed corn will plant. The bulk size bags are larger than the 3# and 7# bags, but the planting rate is lower. This means that a 50# bag of seed corn may only cover between 20 and 30 acres. A 5-pound bag will cover about 12 to 15 acres of land, while a 10-pound bag will likely only be able to cover 8 to 10 acres in your field.

Make sure you calculate how much land each bag holds before purchasing it so you don’t get surprised when planting season arrives!How Many Pounds Of Field Corn Seed Per Acre? - [Answer]

70 lb bags=2.0 acres

70 lb bags of seed corn will plant 2 acres.

Seed corn is a great choice for planting as it is more affordable than some other types of seeds, such as bluegrass seed or crested wheatgrass seed.

80 lb bags=2.3 acres

Now that you know how many pounds of seed corn it takes to plant one acre, let’s figure out just how much land 80 lb bags will plant. As we mentioned before, this number varies based on the bag weight and how many acres you want to plant. For example, if you have 10 lbs of seed corn in your bag (a relatively small amount), then it will only cover about 0.2 acres of land. However, if you have 100 lbs (a larger amount) then it will cover around 20 acres!

That being said, here are some rough calculations:

  • For 100 lb bags: 2.3 acres planted per bag
  • For 80 lb bags: 1 acre planted per bag
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90 lb bags=2.6 acres

If you’re planting corn with a bag of seed, the most common size is 90 pounds. This will cover 2.6 acres and will plant about 90,000 kernels per acre.

100lb bags = 2.9 acres

A 100-pound bag of seed corn will yield about 2.9 acres at a planting rate of 35,000 plants per acre. For example, if you planted a 100 pound bag of seed corn that contained 100,000 kernels to an area with a 20 foot width and 40 feet length (about 1/10th acre or 0.1 hectare), then your yield would be approximately:

100 lb bag X 2.9 acres = 290 lbs of corn; which is equivalent to:

100 kilos X 2.9 acres = 299 kilos or 657 pounds (1 kilo equals approximately 2 pounds).

The number of acres planted varies by the bag weight and seed corn planting rate. Don’t be caught short when planting!

When considering the number of acres a bag of seed corn will plant, it’s important to take into account both bag weight and seeding rates. The two are related, but they’re not the same thing.

The importance of these two factors is best demonstrated by comparing two different seeds that have an identical seeding rate:

  • At a planting rate of 30 lbs per acre (1 lb = 0.45 kg), you would need 50 pounds (22.68 kg) to plant one acre with Acme Brand Seed Corn and only 40 pounds (18.14 kg) for XYZ Brand Seed Corn because XYZ’s seed is heavier than Acme’s seed.* At a planting rate of 20 lbs per acre, however, you’d need 80 pounds (36 kilograms) for Acme but only 60 pounds (27 kilograms) for XYZ because 20 lbs per acre requires more space between plants than 30 lbs does!
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This article has covered everything you need to know about the number of acres a seed corn bag plants. The most important thing is to be sure you buy enough for your field, whether it’s a small field or large. With the information in this article, you can determine exactly how much seed corn will plant your acreage!

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