How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

How Long Do Tabby Cats Live

The average lifespan of a tabby cat is 11 to 15 years. However, some tabby cats live up to 18 years—and even longer. The reason for this variation in longevity is that the age of your tabby can impact how long it lives. This article will look at the different types of tabby coats and how they affect your cat’s lifespan as well as what factors contribute to how long a tabby cat lives so you can plan accordingly if you are adopting one or considering getting one as a pet.

Tabby Cats Lifespan: An Overview

Tabby cats are long-lived, but they’re not immortal.

Tabby Cats Lifespan: An Overview

The average lifespan of a tabby cat is fifteen to twenty years. However, there have been some cases where tabby cats have lived up to thirty years! They’re one of the longest living feline species.

They aren’t prone to cancer and heart disease like other breeds are known for; however, they can suffer from kidney disease as well as diabetes.

Tabby coat types

There are four different tabby coat types:

  • Striped: These cats have a striping pattern that runs down the side of their body. The cat’s stripes may be straight, wavy or broken and they can be faint or bold.
  • Spotted: You’ll see spots on these felines’ coats, usually in clusters of three or more. They can appear anywhere on the cat’s body but often form a “bullseye” pattern on the sides of their face, along with an underside marking which looks like an upside-down triangle with pointed corners.
  • Marbled: Also referred to as swirled, this type has swirls or whorls of color around its legs and tail that resemble marble cake batter! This pattern is most common among kittens before it starts fading away by age two or three years old when it becomes replaced by another type altogether (more about this later).
  • Blotched: A blotched tabby has dark patches against its lighter fur so there’ll be no mistaking what type your kitty belongs to! If you look closely at these felines closely enough though — especially if they’re sitting down — you’ll notice darker markings between those darker patches too; hence why many people use terms like “smoky” and “tiger”
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How Long Do Tabby Cats Live?

The average lifespan of a tabby cat is 12-15 years, but it’s important to remember that every cat is different. Factors like genetics and environment can affect how long your tabby cat lives as well.

If you have a pet with certain diseases or conditions, it might be more likely that they’ll pass away at a younger age than the average cat. Some examples of genetic conditions include: FIP (feline infectious peritonitis), PKD (polycystic kidney disease) and hyperthyroidism. Environmental factors such as living indoors with other cats or being exposed to toxins in the air could also affect your tabby’s life expectancy.

Why Do Some Tabby Cats Live Longer Than Others?

There are a number of factors that can affect how long your tabby cat lives, including genetics and lifestyle. Your cat’s health and family history also play a role in his lifespan. In addition to these factors, other aspects of your cat’s life—such as exercise, diet, stress levels, vaccinations and spaying/neutering—could also contribute to the length of his life.

For example: A healthy cat who gets plenty of exercise may live up to 20 years old or more; one who lives a sedentary lifestyle may only live around 10 years old. Similarly, if you have an outdoor cat that keeps its immune system strong through regular vaccinations and receives proper veterinary care for routine checkups (e.g., dental cleanings), then it will likely live longer than an indoor-only pet with little access to these services over time

A healthy, well-cared for tabby cat can live for up to 18 years.

A healthy, well-cared for tabby cat can live for up to 18 years. This is longer than many other cat breeds and even average felines. It’s also longer than the average human life expectancy—a fact that may make you wonder if there’s something in the tabby gene pool that makes them so long-lived. While it’s impossible to say exactly what contributes to this amazing longevity, there are several factors that contribute to it:

  • Fewer health problems: Tabby cats are known as a healthy breed due to their resistance against certain diseases and illnesses common in other cat breeds (and humans). Because they’re less prone toward illness and injury, your tabby will be around longer than others with which they share your home!
  • More time spent outdoors: Tabbys love spending time outside so much of their lives are spent exploring different places around town or going on nature hikes nearby (or even further away if they’re adventurous). This gives them plenty of opportunity
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Tabby cats can be a great addition to any family, and they are perfect for people who want a cat that can stay home alone while they’re out of town. Their lifespan is usually between 12-18 years, so you have plenty of time to bond with your new feline friend!

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