How Big Does A Red Ear Slider Get

How Big Does A Red Ear Slider Get

Red-eared sliders are among the most popular aquatic turtles in the world. They’re also extremely easy to care for and can live for decades. With proper care, a red ear slider can live for 40 years or more! Red ear sliders grow very large, reaching up to 13 inches long as adults. It will take your turtle some time to reach this size though – there’s no need to worry if your red ear slider is smaller than this when you first get it home!

How Big Does A Red Ear Slider Get?

A Red Ear Slider can grow up to 13 inches in length. They typically live 40 years, and they grow at a rate of one inch per year. In captivity, red ear sliders can live in tanks as small as 10 gallons and still be healthy and happy. However, if you have more space available for your turtles to roam around in (20 gallons or larger), then by all means give them that extra room!

The bottom line is this: if you want to own an adult turtle (one that measures more than 12 inches long), make sure that your tank has enough room for its adult size. Do not buy any turtles (or other aquatic animals) from pet stores unless the staff guarantees that the animal was bred on site or comes from another reputable breeder who does breed his/her animals responsibly.

Baby Red Ear Sliders

Baby Red Ear Sliders are small, but grow quickly. They are about the size of a quarter at birth, and have a black spot on their shell that disappears as they mature. Baby red ear sliders can be born in the spring or summer, and typically hatch from eggs laid by females who were kept in captivity but had no access to males for breeding purposes. Baby red ear sliders have a yolk sac attached to them for about two weeks before they begin eating solid foods.

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The Growth Rate of Red Ear Sliders

The growth rate of red ear slider turtles is one of their most interesting characteristics. As hatchlings, they’re born at about 1 inch long and grow approximately 1 inch per year. They reach sexual maturity at about 10 years old, and can live up to 40 years old if properly cared for. A fully grown red-eared slider can grow to be 13 inches long and 6 inches wide!

The Final Size and Life Expectancy of the Red Ear Slider

The final size and life expectancy of the red ear slider is dependent on several factors.

The first factor is whether or not you are able to provide a proper environment for your turtle. If you are unable to provide adequate housing and living conditions, then there will be no way for your turtle to live longer than its years spent in captivity. However, if your red ear slider is provided with a good habitat, he or she may possibly reach 100 years old!

It’s also important that you keep up with proper nutrition as well as regular veterinary checkups for all pets including turtles like our little friend here who we will refer to from now on as “George”. You should make sure that George gets enough calcium through food sources (like worms) and supplements like calcium pills; otherwise his shell might start deforming due to lack of proper nutrition which could eventually lead him having trouble breathing out of water due to his lungs being crushed by an improperly formed shell!

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With proper care red ear sliders can live 40 years and grow up to 13 inches long.

If you are thinking about getting a red ear slider, be sure to research the care requirements thoroughly. Red ear sliders can live 40 years and grow up to 13 inches long. They require a large aquarium with lots of UVB light and food.

The Red Ear Slider is a popular species of turtle and one of the most common species kept in captivity. They are easy to take care of, have a low maintenance cost and can live up to 40 years in an aquarium. The Red Ear Slider will grow up to 13 inches long but it can take up to 5 years for them to reach this size. The growth rate depends on how much food they get as well as their age when they were purchased from the pet store or breeder (which should be around 4 months old).

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