Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer Ingredients

Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer Ingredients

Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer is designed to help your plants thrive, and it’s extremely versatile. It’s perfect for raised beds, containers, vegetable gardens, or anywhere that you want to see healthy growth. Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer was created by the experts at FoxFarm and has a high-quality mix of ingredients that will help feed your plants and help them grow properly. Here are the ingredients you can find in a bag of Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer:

Humic acid

Humic acid is a natural compound found in soil. It’s a complex organic compound that can be extracted from peat and other organic matter. It’s commonly used as an ingredient in fertilizers, because it helps plants absorb nutrients and resist disease.

Azomite micronutrients

Azomite, a natural volcanic mineral also known as Utahlite, is a rich source of micronutrients. It is mined in the Uintah Mountains in Utah and contains over 70 minerals, including trace elements that can be difficult to find in conventional fertilizers.

Azomite contains trace minerals like iron, manganese and boron that are essential to plant health. These nutrients are necessary for plants’ growth processes but may not be present in sufficient quantities in your soil or fertilizer mix. Adding Azomite will provide these essential nutrients for your plants without adding any unwanted toxins or impurities to the compost mixture you’re creating with this recipe!

Vitamins B1, B2 and Kelp extract

Vitamins are essential for plant growth. They are made by plants, animals and microorganisms. Vitamins help the body absorb other nutrients and convert food into energy. They also play an important role in growth, development and maintenance of cells in all parts of the body.

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Beneficial soil microbes

Beneficial soil microbes are essential for a healthy and productive garden. These microscopic creatures convert organic matter into nutrients that plants can use, thus helping them grow and thrive.

Beneficial soil microbes facilitate the conversion of organic matter (dead plant material) into more available nutrients for your plants. The process begins with enzymes breaking down complex organic molecules into simpler compounds such as sugars, which then become food sources for bacteria and fungi living in the soil.

Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer is designed to help your plants thrive.

Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer is designed to help your plants thrive in all climates, seasons, and types of soil. It’s gentle enough for use on both indoor and outdoor plant life.

The ingredients in Happy Frog All Purpose Fertilizer are designed to help your plants thrive. It’s a perfect choice for gardeners of all skill levels, and it can be used on any type of plant. This fertilizer is great for both indoor and outdoor gardening—it will give your plants the nutrients they need to grow big, beautiful blooms.

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