Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Growing Cherry Tomatoes In Pots

Cherry tomatoes are a popular way to grow tomatoes, especially if you live in a small home or apartment. They’re also great for container gardening because they can be grown indoors or out and still produce delicious fruit. Growing cherry tomatoes in pots is easy but does require some care and attention. Here are the basics:

Choose the right pot

Get the right pot for your cherry tomatoes. Pot depth is important, as it should be at least as deep as the plant is tall. You also want to make sure you choose a container that is at least 12 inches in diameter and 12 inches deep.

If you don’t have a large enough pot lying around, you can use other containers like plastic milk crates or even an old trash can with holes drilled into the bottom of it!

Pick your plant

The first step to potting cherry tomatoes is picking the right plant. You want to choose one that is the right size for your pot, and also the right color, shape, and flavor.

  • Size: Cherry tomatoes are small; they’re not meant to be eaten whole like regular tomatoes. That’s why it’s important to choose a plant that isn’t too big for your pot! A larger tomato won’t fit well in a small space and may even fall over if you aren’t careful about pruning it correctly (more on this later).
  • Color: The most common types of cherry tomatoes are red, orange, yellow and purple—but there are plenty more options out there! Explore all the different variations before you make up your mind about which ones you like best!
  • Shape: There’s no need to stick with perfectly round fruit—there are lots of other shapes out there too! Do some research into what kinds are available so that when someone asks “What kind did we get last year?” later down the road (if ever), everyone will know exactly which type was planted in each container without having gone through all their old emails looking for information.”
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Location, location, location

When you’re choosing a location for your cherry tomatoes, there are three things to keep in mind. First, the pot should be placed in a sunny spot. Second, it should receive at least six hours of sun per day. Third, don’t place the pot directly on the ground; instead put it on a table or stand that raises it up so that water doesn’t collect in the bottom of your container and cause roots to rot (or worse yet—root rots!).

Give it lots of water

To make sure your plant gets the constant moisture it needs, you should water it every day. Water until the water runs out of the bottom of the pot. This means that during dry days, when your plants are thirsty and their soil is dry, you need to give them extra water so they don’t wither away from thirst.

Watering in this way will help prevent root rot. Root rot is a common problem for potted plants because if left alone for too long without enough water, roots will become damaged or completely die off due to lack of moisture in their soil. When this happens to your cherry tomatoes, not only will there be no fruit at harvest time but also little chance of saving them by repotting into fresh dirt; roots are critical in helping a plant absorb nutrients from soil and so once they’re gone there’s no fixing that!

Fertilize with tomato fertilizer

You’ll need to fertilize your cherry tomatoes with a tomato fertilizer, which you can find at any gardening or hardware store. Fertilizer is often made from animal waste and compost, so it’s a good idea to buy an organic brand if you have the option. It’s important to add fertilizer every two weeks to keep your plants healthy and growing well.

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As for how much fertilizer you should use on each container: that depends on whether or not your containers have drainage holes in their bottoms (they should). If they do, then fill them up with water until there are about one inch of water covering the bottom of each pot; then drain off any excess liquid before adding half as much fertilizer as soil depth (so if there’s three inches of soil depth in each pot, add 1½ teaspoons of fertilizer). If your pots don’t have drainage holes in their bottoms—and most containers don’t—then simply mix ½ teaspoon into each quart of soil before planting!

Give it lots of sun

  • Sunlight is the most important factor in growing tomatoes, and you’ll want to give your plants lots of it.
  • Plants need at least 6 hours of sunlight per day for best growth.
  • If possible, try to keep them in an area that gets 8 or more hours of sun each day.
  • Too much direct sunlight can cause sunburned leaves on cherry tomato plants

Prune your cherry tomato plants

Prune your cherry tomato plants to encourage them to grow more fruit, as well as healthier, stronger and faster. Pruning cherry tomatoes at the right time can also help you get an even crop by removing any rogue shoots that are growing in the wrong direction.

How do you prune a cherry tomato plant?

To prune a cherry tomato plant, simply snip off the stem of each branch that you want to remove with scissors or secateurs (a type of gardening shears). Any other leaves on this branch should also be removed – this is known as ‘deadheading’. Make sure your chosen cutting instrument is sharp so it doesn’t damage your plant or cause you injury!

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Harvest tomatoes when they are ripe

  • The tomatoes are ready to harvest when they are red and ripe, but you can also check for other signs of ripeness. For example, if you’ve been tending your cherry tomatoes and have been smelling a sweet aroma from the leaves as they grow, then it’s probably time to harvest them. If you’re not sure about how ripe your cherry tomatoes are, then feel their texture; if they’re soft and pliable (but not mushy), then they’re probably ripe enough to pick!
  • When harvesting cherry tomatoes from pots or trays in which the space is limited by walls or supports (such as fences), be careful not to disturb the roots of neighboring plants too much—they may become tangled or damaged by careless picking.

Growing cherry tomatoes in pots is a good way to produce a lot of tomatoes, including some that you can give away.

Growing cherry tomatoes in pots is a good way to produce a lot of tomatoes, including some that you can give away. Potted cherry tomatoes are easy to grow and can be grown on your porch or patio and in the kitchen.

The most popular potted tomato varieties for potting include:

  • Cherry Roma—a red-skinned, sweet, paste-type tomato that grows well in containers (5 to 10 inches tall)
  • Gold Nugget—a yellowish-orange slicer that grows well in containers (10 to 12 inches tall)
  • Sungold Cherry—a golden orange cherry variety (6 to 8 feet tall)

Growing cherry tomatoes in pots is a great way to have an abundant supply of this delicious fruit. You can give away as many as you want, because they will still grow well even if you don’t water them regularly or fertilize them enough. Before you know it, your backyard will be full of these beautiful little red globes!

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