Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding

Did you know that your animal’s bedding is actually made of coffee grounds? That’s right, it’s all natural! Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding is made from recycled coffee grounds and does not degrade, like traditional wood shavings. Recycling alone is not enough; American households produce 45 pounds of waste every day, so using more natural beddings for your pets is an excellent way to cut back on waste. To learn more about Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding, visit Tractor Supply Co.
Hemp Bedding

To make a change from pine, straw, and wood pellets, consider switching to hemp animal bedding. Hemp is much more absorbent and dust free, making it an excellent choice for a variety of reasons. It is also cheaper than other types of bedding, saving you time and money. Learn more about hemp and why you should choose it for your pets. Here are some of the benefits of hemp animal bedding.

Hemp bedding is an excellent choice for your pets because it is softer and lasts longer than other types of bedding. Hemp is also biodegradable and chemical free, which supports the health of both your animals and the environment. Unlike many other bedding products, hemp also traps odors, making it healthier for your animals. This material is great for both pleasure and competition animals. It doesn’t cause respiratory or skin problems, making it safe for any type of animal.

Hemp is a great option for poultry owners who want to avoid synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Hemp bedding also reduces the chances of respiratory diseases in chickens, as dust is an ideal breeding ground for mites. Since chickens’ respiratory systems are delicate, they need a dust-free environment. Using hemp bedding is the perfect solution to that problem. Its natural benefits and high absorbency make it a good choice for chickens.
Paper beddings

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For an eco-friendly way to care for your chickens, ducks, and turkeys, consider using recycled coffee grounds as their bedding. These bedding pieces are not only beautiful, but they also absorb moisture. Unlike wood shavings, these ground-up coffee grounds do not break down into dust like traditional wood shavings. It is easy to clean and spreads out to cover 24 square feet. This environmentally friendly alternative to wood shavings is available at Tractor Supply Co.

While many other types of animal bedding are not as good for your animals, recycled coffee grounds are a great choice for your pets. Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding is triple-screened and kiln-dried to remove larger pieces of wood. These ingredients also provide a slow release of nitrogen to the environment. In addition, paper bedding retains moisture and cakes easily. It also releases large amounts of ammonia.
Hemp shavings

Hemp is known for its ability to absorb animal waste and urine. Typically, wood chips and straw have 40 to 45 percent cellulose. Hemp shavings for horses have 60 percent cellulose. Hemp bedding is a good choice for horses because of its high absorbency rate and easy cleanup. Hemp shavings for animals can also help maintain a sterile environment for your livestock. Listed below are some benefits of using hemp shavings for animal bedding.

Hemp is a natural plant source of fiber and bedding. It is grown without using synthetic fertilizers or insect repellents. The hemp plant produces hemp from the stalk and hurd of the cannabis plant. This hemp product feels soft when processed and has significant absorbent properties. Hemp shavings are a healthy option for your animals and your home. Grounds All Natural Animal Bedding contains hemp shavings to prevent allergic reactions in your animals.

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Hemp is naturally biodegradable. Because it doesn’t contain chemicals, hemp bedding is a safer choice for your chickens. Hemp shavings are two to three times more absorbent than pine shavings. Additionally, hemp is better for controlling ammonia odors than pine shavings. And because hemp is biodegradable, you’ll be less worried about dumping it in a landfill. Hemp bedding also breaks down faster in your compost pile and is much healthier for the environment.

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