Greenhouse Plastic Suppliers South Africa

If you are looking for greenhouse plastic suppliers in South Africa, look no further than Polifilm. Not only are we one of the top greenhouse plastic suppliers in South Africa, but we supply our products throughout the world.

Greenhouse plastic suppliers

Greenhouse plastic suppliers in South Africa

Greenhouse plastic is a type of polycarbonate that can be used to replace glass panes on greenhouse structures. Polycarbonate panels are commonly used to line the inside of greenhouses, while greenhouse film is often used as a covering over the outside or as an additional layer of insulation.

Greenhouse plastics are made from materials such as polyethylene and PVC, which are both strong and flexible enough to withstand temperature fluctuations without losing their shape or integrity. The main difference between these two types of greenhouse plastics lies in their transparency; some plastics are opaque while others allow light through them so that plants can receive sufficient amounts of sunlight for photosynthesis (the process by which plants convert carbon dioxide into food).

Polycarbonate greenhouse

The many advantages of polycarbonate greenhouses are what make them the perfect choice for homeowners and farmers alike.

Polycarbonate greenhouse suppliers makes it easy to find the exact panels and films you need for your greenhouse project, with a range of sizes available so you can customize your system to fit your needs perfectly.

With a wide selection of polycarbonate greenhouse systems available, our team is here to help you find exactly what you need! We work with some of South Africa’s best manufacturers and distributors so that we can offer our clients quality products at competitive prices.

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Greenhouse panels

Greenhouse panels are made from recycled plastic and are UV resistant, shatterproof and easy to install. They come in a range of colours and are manufactured in South Africa. The panels are sold in packs of six and available in the following sizes:

  • 1.2m x 0.9m
  • 2 m x 1.8 m

Greenhouse Sheets

Greenhouse plastic is used to cover your greenhouse. It provides shade, keeping plants cool during the day and warm at night. Greenhouse plastic comes in many different colours and sizes. Most are made from polyethylene or PVC, which is a sturdy material that will not tear easily.

Greenhouse sheets are available in many different thicknesses and qualities; choose the one best suited for your needs

Greenhouse Film

Greenhouse Film is a polyethylene film used in greenhouses to control the climate and protect the plants. The greenhouse film is made of high quality polyethylene with a thickness of 0.015mm. Greenhouse films are also called plastic films, greenhouse plastic films, or horticultural plastics (plastic material used in horticulture). The main application area of these products is agriculture and plant breeding.

Greenhouse plastics South Africa

Greenhouse plastic is an essential part of a greenhouse and plays a pivotal role in the cultivation of plants. Without this plastic, the growth process would be hampered by factors such as wind and temperature changes.

The following are some types of greenhouse plastics:

  • Polycarbonate plastic is one of the most popular types because it provides UV protection to plants and can also be used for covering large areas with high light transmission. It comes in sheets or panels that are strong enough to withstand strong winds and storms, making them ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications.
  • Greenhouse film is a type of clear vinyl that reflects heat from the sun so that it does not penetrate into the structure at night or during cloudy days, thereby increasing temperature inside significantly during winter months when there’s less sunlight available (especially if you live in South Africa). This material comes with different thicknesses ranging anywhere between 0.5mm up to 10mm thick; however 5mm thickness will provide plenty of insulation resources needed by your plants without adding too much weight onto existing structures like walls or ceilings where they may collapse under pressure due excessive weight loadings caused by heavy materials like concrete blocks etcetera
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For greenhouse plastic suppliers in South Africa visit the Polifilm website today.

For more information on greenhouse plastic suppliers in South Africa, contact Polifilm today. Polifilm is a leading supplier of greenhouse plastics in South Africa and supplies high quality greenhouse plastic to customers all over the country.

Polifilm supplies greenhouse plastic, greenhouse panels, greenhouse sheets, greenhouse film and greenhouse plastic film in South Africa. Our wide range of products means that we can provide you with everything you need to build or renovate your own garden structure or commercial building. We also offer our services to industrial clients who may be looking for help with their large scale projects such as greenhouses or warehouses.

From polycarbonate sheets and film to greenhouse panels, Polifilm has a wide range of products to meet your needs. All our products are available across South Africa for easy shipping wherever you may be located. We also regularly offer specials on our product lines so be sure to check out what we have on offer from time to time. For more information about Polyfilm’s products and services, contact us today or visit our website at

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