Fox Farm Japanese Maple Fertilizer

If you want a plant that thrives on low pH levels, consider Japanese maple. This fertilizer contains phosphorus, potassium, mycorrhizae, and bacteria that enhance the root system and convert nutrients to plant-useable forms. For more information about this organic fertilizer, read the product description below. This fertilizer is made specifically for Japanese maple. In addition, it contains a bio-active mix of nutrients that enhance plant growth.
Happy Frog Japanese Maple Organic Fertilizer

Happy Frog(r) Japanese Maple Organic Fertilizer is a premium blend of nutrients for plants. Its low nitrogen formula supports the Japanese maple’s natural growth in cooler weather. It reduces leaf scorch in summer and helps smooth the transition from fall color. Phosphorus and potassium provide essential nutrients, while Mycorrhizal fungi help your plants absorb nutrients. The resulting fertilizer provides superior water absorption and enhances disease resistance.

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