Fish That Eat Food At The Bottom Of The Tank

Fish That Eat Food At The Bottom Of The Tank

If you’re like me, you probably put some food in at the top of the tank and let it sink to the bottom. What you may not know is that there are fish who spend most of their time at the bottom of the tank. These fish have a number of advantages over other fish: they ensure uneaten food doesn’t sit on your gravel, they add variety to your aquarium community, and they’re just plain cute. Here are a few types to look out for:


Corydoras are catfish and are bottom feeders. They are peaceful and easy to care for, coming in many different colors. Good for beginners, they can also be kept in a large tank or small tank.

Botiine Loaches

Botiine loaches are a good option if you’re looking for a bottom-feeder that will eat algae and detritus in your tank. They are not too big, typically only growing to about 5 inches, which makes them great for beginners. They are also hardy and forgiving of mistakes made when you first set up a new tank, as well as being low maintenance once they are established. They come in most commonly in green or brown with other colors being rarer but still possible to find. The picture above shows some green botiine loaches with red fins and mouth parts (the part that eats).

Plecons (suckermouths)

Plecos are small catfish that eat algae and other organic material found on the bottom of the tank. There are many different species of pleco, including the popular “pleco” as well as bristlenose and pygmy varieties. Plecos are omnivorous, meaning they will eat meaty foods in addition to plant matter. The most common way to feed these fish is with algae wafers specially designed for them, but you can also add vegetables or a variety of worms (such as Tubifex) if you want to supplement their diets.

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Plecos are popular aquarium fish because they’re ideal bottom-feeders—they help keep your tank clean by eating anything that falls instead of just floating around. Their life span typically lasts from 10-25 years depending upon how well maintained your aquarium is and what type of water conditions exist within it.”

African Butterflyfish

African Butterflyfish are excellent choices for beginning fishkeepers. They can be kept in a community aquarium with other species, and are generally hardy and easy to care for. These small fish will not eat plants but they do need regular feeding to stay healthy. If you have an African Butterflyfish, it is important that you feed them several times per day; otherwise they will become thin and unhealthy looking.

To feed your African Butterflyfish, simply place their food at the bottom of their tank where they can easily reach it. They will also eat from a feeding tube if you prefer this method instead (just make sure there aren’t any sharp objects on the end).


Darters are a group of fish that have adapted to eat bottom-dwelling food. They have a specialised mouth structure that allows them to suck up food at the bottom of the tank. Darters are not the best fish for beginners, but if you’re confident in your ability to care for them properly, they can make excellent additions to your tank.

Below is an overview of some common darter species:

Synodontis Catfish

Synodontis catfish are some of the most popular aquarium fish for beginners. They are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and animals. They are nocturnal, so you’ll often see them at night when you turn the lights off! Synodontis catfish come in a wide variety of colors and shapes. Their fins can be long pointed or short rounded—you should definitely pick one that suits your style! This is an excellent choice for beginners because they don’t require very much care or maintenance to thrive in captivity.

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Fish who eat food at the bottom of the tank

These fish are called bottom feeders (or benthic feeders). Their mouths are adapted so they can pick up food that is buried in the substrate. They will dig into the substrate for their food if necessary.

  • Corydoras: These South American catfish are one of the most popular benthic feeders, especially with beginner fishkeepers because of how easy they are to care for and how long lived they tend to be. They come in many different colors, from brown to orange and black, but you’ll usually see them as some variety of grey or brown with black stripes on their body.
  • Botiine Loaches: Another popular choice for newbie fishkeepers who want a peaceful community tank with lots of plant life (and thus plenty of algae), these freshwater fish hail mostly from Asia but also found in Africa and Thailand too! Their bodies are covered in a slimy mucus that helps protect against predators while giving them an added layer of camouflage when hiding among plants at night or during colder weather months outside where they still live year round despite thriving indoors all year long here inside America’s homes.”

As you can see, there are a lot of great options out there for fish who prefer to eat on the bottom. They can be great additions to your tank, offering diversity in diet and personality. If you’re looking for an entertaining fish who will help keep the tank clean by eating off the bottom, consider one of these popular species!


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