Fertilizer Side Dressing Equipment

You’ve decided to start your own fertilizer side dressing business. What type of equipment is the best? In this article, you’ll learn about different options, from Single tank sprayers to High clearance sprayers. You’ll also find out about different options for tires, including Big tires with 120-inch tread width. And there are so many different types of fertilizer side dressers, you’re sure to find a machine that suits your needs.
High-clearance sprayers

High-clearance sprayers allow producers to cover more acres in a single pass, giving them an increased window of opportunity to apply the fertilizer. New high clearance sprayers are more versatile than ever, offering a wide boom and bigger tanks to cover more acres in fewer passes. Depending on tank capacity, high clearance sprayers may also be equipped with nitrogen toolbars, drop hoses, solid-stream nozzles, crop sensors, and variable-rate spray nozzles.

Hagie is one manufacturer of high-clearance sprayers. Their sprayer lineup ranges from the DTS10, a thousand-gallon sprayer, to the STS16, a 1,600-gallon model. They all feature an impressive array of features, including 76-inch crop clearance and near-perfect front-to-back weight distribution. Hagie sprayers are also equipped with all-wheel steering for optimal control.
Single tank

For many farmers, side dressing nitrogen fertilizer is a new consideration this year, as the weather is more favorable for it. However, there are some advantages to this practice. Side dressing is a highly effective way to apply nitrogen to crops, and is a relatively inexpensive method of fertilizing a crop. Before applying fertilizer, farmers should pencil out the application rates, as too much water will deprive the crop of nutrients.

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One popular side dressing equipment is the Kongskilde F3450, which has a multi-row setting for flexible row spacing. The Kongskilde F3450 uses a heavy duty coulter assembly. The tube is two inches in diameter and is adjustable to accommodate varying row spacing. For a precise application, this machine comes with a knife and injector. Whether the farmer prefers to use one or both, it is worth considering the Kongskilde F3450.
Big tires

For farmers who want to maximize the efficiency of fertilizer applications, big tires are essential. Fertilizer side dressing equipment with big tires can cover large areas and have an operating width of 37 feet 6 inches. Its 4″ x 16″ closing wheels are useful for sealing fertilizer in highly erodible ground and for side-dress applications. These big tires also prevent fertilizer from leaking from the machine, which means they are safe for the environment.
Single tank with 120-inch tread width

NH3 liquid sidedressers are built with large tires averaging 120 inches in tread width. They are so wide, in fact, that they are too large to fit the scales at most fertilizer dealers. Most liquid sidedress rigs pull the tank rather than the other way around. However, most liquid sidedress applicators are built with a single tank pulled by running gear. The wheels of NH3 sidedressing rigs vary from sixty to 120 inches in width, and the axle clearance is typically 26 to 34 inches.
Precision application

Fertilizer side dressing is an agricultural practice in which farmers apply a layer of soil nutrients to help the crop grow. While the process is slow and often interferes with other activities, side dressing is a highly effective fertilization technique for precision field application. Farmers can use drop tubes to deliver liquid fertilizer to the side of each plant. Unlike the traditional method, this side dressing method allows farmers to apply fertilizer at the same rate to all plants, instead of applying a layer of the same type of nutrients to multiple crops.

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With a GPS receiver, precision application is made simple. The ProTrakker Implement Guidance System keeps the implement on track, ensuring that nutrients reach the crop. GPS-guided equipment eliminates the need to reenter the field to apply fertilizer. The systems save farmers time and money and increase yield. Precision application of fertilizer side dressing equipment can make the difference between a successful harvest and one that is a waste of fertilizer.

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