Fence Price Per Meter South Africa

Fence Price Per Meter South Africa can range anywhere from R20 to R60 per square metre. In Johannesburg, Clearview fencing can cost from R1000 to R1300 per square meter, and Electric fence energizers can run anywhere from R3500 to R5500. Here’s how to determine the exact price of your electric fence in Johannesburg. We’ll also look at the benefits of electric fencing, such as its long lifespan, and its many benefits.
Clearview fencing costs R1000 to R1300 per metre

Clearview fencing, also known as PVC coated steel, comes in a variety of colours. The steel is also available in galvanised and PVC finishes, which is slightly more expensive. Clearview fencing prices in South Africa vary depending on the materials used, height, extras, and level of security. Prices will also vary according to the number of metres and the security level required. Prices for PVC coated steel fences are approximately 20% higher than those of the galvanized version. Installation will add a bit of additional labour and material to the overall cost.

The installation cost of a Clearview fence will depend on its length and the number of wires between them. The smaller the spacing between the wires, the more secure the fence. Clearview fencing will typically cost you R1000 to R1300 per metre in South Africa. The installation process will take about a day, and will require professional help. The average cost for a fence installation is approximately R25.00 per square metre.
Electric fence energizers cost R3500 to R5500

To power your electric fence, you will need an energizer. There are several types of energizers, and the price of a meter will depend on the size of the fence and its needs. An energizer costs R3500 to R5500 in South Africa, and is more expensive for commercial purposes. However, the prices are subject to change, so be sure to do some research before making a purchase.

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Electric fence energizers use battery or mains power to release a high-voltage pulse that deters animals from trespassing. The energy it releases is measured in joules, and an energizer needs to generate enough energy to provide the necessary voltage across the entire length of the fence. It’s crucial to choose an energizer with enough energy, as holes and weeds reduce the amount of energy it puts out.

The cost of installing an electric fence energizer varies from R180 to about R3500 per meter in South Africa. The average cost is R180 per meter, and the energizer costs R3500 to R5500 per meter. However, these prices do not include the cost of the fence itself, which is usually the most expensive part of an electric fence installation.
Electric fence installation costs in Johannesburg

Installing an electric fence on your property is a great way to ensure the safety of your home and your loved ones. An electric fence has a series of components: a power source, a conductor, and an earth connection. Normally, a fencer/charger terminal connects to a grounding rod that is buried deep into the ground. Any animal that touches the wire or the grounding rod will result in an electric shock.

Depending on the size of the area to be enclosed, an energizer may cost R3500 to R5500. Generally, commercial-sized energizers will cost more than domestic-sized ones. Prices are subject to change without notice. Make sure to ask for a quote before you decide on an electric fence for your home or business. In general, an electric fence costs between R180 and R500 per meter.

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Another reason why you should consider an electric fence is to discourage suicide attempts on tall buildings. They are also highly effective in reducing petty crime and graffiti. Increasing crime rates across South Africa have made residential perimeter defences a common way to keep your property safe. You can also add an electric fence piggyback to your existing fencing for additional security. Piggyback fences are often attached to existing fence posts or pillars.


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