Farmer Dave Builds A Crate To Hold Vegetables

Farmer Dave Builds A Crate To Hold Vegetables

As a kid, I remember being thrilled upon seeing a guy with a huge wooden crate full of vegetables. I imagined that he had traveled through the world and came back to get his bounty of fruits and veggies. The box was bigger than me, and it seemed like the most amazing thing in the world. I was always jealous, but now, as an adult, all I have are my memories.

Luckily for me, this is 2017. We’re on the cusp of greater things that won’t require me to travel to New York City or California and make truckloads of money selling vegetables just so I can buy more vegetables for next year’s cooking season!

What does this mean for you? It means you can grow your own produce with these simple steps:

  • Grow Your Own Food!  I don’t need any advice on how to grow food–it’s pretty straightforward if you’ve ever seen a tomato plant or broccoli sprout up from seed. All you need is soil; it doesn’t matter what type (though brown potting soil is best), just make sure there is enough water (even if it rains every day). Be careful not to over-water where you’re growing your veggies because this can lead to fungus that will ruin your crop. Also be aware that worms love to eat soil which can harm your plants so don’t forget about them while they’re eating away at the earth!
  • Plant Your Seeds! There are a lot of ways to plant seeds; use whichever method works best for you while keeping in mind that there are many different types (both small-scale production methods and commercial methods). Whatever method you choose, keep in mind that seeds should be planted with care because some kinds take longer than others to germinate. In addition, seasonal plants should be bought relatively early so they won’t rot before their time arrives (none
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It was a dark and stormy night.

“It was a dark and stormy night,” said Farmer Dave. “The night before I built the crates, it was a dark and stormy night.”

“The next day,” he continued, “I built two crates: one for potatoes and one for carrots. The next day after that, I had to go get my truck fixed because it wouldn’t start.”

Farmer Dave started building crates to store the vegetables.

Farmer Dave started building crates to store the vegetables.

He was in a hurry to get the crate built.

He used a hammer, a saw and some nails.

Farmer Dave was using a saw to cut the wood into the right size.

He became tired, so he drank some coffee.

Farmer Dave was tired. He’d been building crates all day, and the work had taken its toll on his physical and mental state. He stood up to stretch, but found that his body protested in a very violent way: it was too tired to move.

He needed coffee.

He walked over to the coffee machine and turned it on, but then remembered that he hadn’t cleaned out the carafe yet (the farmer always cleans out his carafe first thing after making coffee). This meant that there was still some old, stale-tasting coffee in there—and since Farmer Dave has no patience for bad-tasting anything, he decided not to drink from this one at all.

“I’ll just make another pot,” he thought; but when he went back over to pour himself some fresh brews after unloading what remained in the old one onto the compost pile outside (that’s how farmers do things), he found that all three pots were empty because nobody else liked black coffee like him did!

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But it was too hot to drink.

But it was too hot to drink

It was raining

It was cold

It was windy

It was cloudy

Too sunny or humid

The coffee got cold as he worked.

The coffee got cold as he worked. It was a cold night, and the coffee was hot when he started to work on his crate. But after a few hours of sawing and planing and hammering, it had cooled off enough for him to want another cup.

The barn cats were crowding around his feet in hopes that some crumbs from the project table might fall their way, but Farmer Dave wasn’t paying them any mind because he was focused on the task at hand: building a crate for his vegetables.

Making crates is hard work.

Making crates is hard work, and Farmer Dave was tired. He sat down to enjoy a cup of coffee and tried to take a sip, but the coffee was too hot. He put it down for a few minutes and then tried again; this time the coffee was too cold.

“What a pain!” said Farmer Dave aloud, thinking how much easier life would be if he could just get his hot drinks right all the time.

“I’ll find a solution!” he said excitedly as he got up from his table to search online for an answer as soon as possible.

This has been a pretty great solution for storing our veggies. We love the crates because they are easy to stack and they keep everything cool. Plus, we’re really excited about being able to give them away at the end of the season!

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