Electric Fence Supplies For Horses

While purchasing Electric Fence Supplies For Horses, you should consider a few things. Make sure the wire and tape are the same strength. If the tape breaks, the horse could get seriously injured. Also, the wire should be as strong as the tape so that a horse can’t break it while walking. Using the wrong type of electric fence could cause injury. If you are uncertain about the type of fencing, read our review of the different types of wire for horses.

If you are looking for a safer way to enclose your horse’s pasture, consider using an ElectroBraid electric horse fence. These fences are made of high-quality, braided copper wire, and look like yachting rope. The rope is about 1/4-inch thick, and has a double helix that conducts electricity. The fence is safer than other types of horse fencing, because it stretches when a horse tries to escape or cross it. In addition, it is easy to install, with posts spaced thirty to fifty feet apart.

Although the electricity from the ElectroBraid can deter animals, it will not harm small children. Since the material is flexible, a panicked horse will bounce off its strands, which keeps it from trespassing. The wire is also made of copper, which develops an oxidized outer layer that protects the wire portion from corrosion. The wire is also double-helix-shaped, allowing it to bend without breaking and ensuring maximum electrical conductivity.
Farmily polywire

When it comes to polywire electric fence supplies for horses, there are a few things to consider before making the purchase. These fences have six conductor wires and are made from heavy duty materials that won’t break, even in heavy rain. This fence also comes with a UV-coated coating, so it won’t rust or decay in the hot sun. This fencing also lasts longer than other wires because the UV-coated material is tough and doesn’t break easily under a heavy load. It can also be used as temporary fencing for a temporary or permanent fence. Because this fence is brightly colored, it will be visible from a distance, and it will keep unwanted animals away.

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While many types of fences use polywire, these are the most commonly used because it’s flexible and highly visible. These fences are made of UV-stabilized poly wire, which is durable and offers great conductivity. They’re also a good choice for portable electric fences, since they don’t require any special installation and can be set up on any smooth surface. They’re perfect for large gardens, farms, and even big game breeders. In addition to these benefits, these fences don’t take up much space, making them easy to store and transport.
Pro-Tek Electric Tape

When installing your electric fence, you need to choose a good quality brand. Usually, cheaper tape from hardware or farm stores is not as good as the high-quality Pro-Tek tape. Check the tape connectors and choose a tape with Ultra-Violet protection. Wide electric tape tends to flap in wind, causing sagging and twisting. This may be resolved by decreasing the spacing between posts, but it’s not ideal.

The Pro-Tek electric tape system consists of a charging unit that converts the power into high-voltage pulses that travel along the fencing. If a horse touches the wire, it receives a shock. The tape is insulated to prevent the power from leaking into the ground. The earth stake takes the power back to the energiser. Once the horse crosses over the fence, it receives an electric shock.
ElectroBraid with 15 stainless steel wires

The electroconductive wires in an ElectroBraid are braided into a polyester fiber to protect them from breaking. Unlike stainless steel wires, which are brittle and easily break, polyester fiber is flexible and is not susceptible to breakage. It is 70 times more conductive than stainless steel. Besides, its outer braided jacket is also cushioned. So, you can wear this braid with any outfit and still be confident that it will last for years.

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In addition to the white spool that contains the stainless steel wires, you should also buy an installation kit that includes a manual and digital volt meter. These are important tools for routine testing and troubleshooting. You should also purchase a second Tension Kit if you own a larger pasture. With the energizers, you can protect your horses and make them stay in their stalls safely.

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