Electric Branding Irons For Cattle

Before you can use Electric Branding Irons For Cattle, you have to know a few things about them. First, you must find a proper place where you can restrain the animal. Make sure that the branding site is easy to access and clean. Once you have the branding site ready, you must clip the animal’s head into a square shape and dry it thoroughly. Next, you have to chill the branders to make them more effective.
El-Toro Electric Brander

If you are in the process of branding your cattle, you may be wondering what the best electric brander for cattle is. Electric branders are great for big stuff, but fire-heated ones are better for smaller items. Electric branders have an advantage over fire-heated ones in that they allow you to brand your cattle without having to worry about shock. El-Toro branders are made in Canada by a family-owned company, and they are built to withstand the rigors of branding cattle.
L&H Semi-Universal Brander

The L&H Semi-Universal Brander is a versatile tool for branding cattle. Its two and one-half inch bar can produce almost any letter or number. Stockmen who keep small herds of cattle frequently use this brander for branding their cattle. Its 110 volt design provides even, consistent heat for branding cattle. You can leave it on while working with your cattle. You can also easily change the brander’s settings with the touch of a button.
L&H Brand-FIRST Electric Brander

Electric Cattle Branding Iron - Branding Irons Unlimited

The L&H Brand-FIRST Electric & Tubular Brander is recognized nationally for its high quality and durability. The brander’s adjustable heating element maintains a constant, even temperature while branding your cattle. The 10′ grounded cord plugs directly into a 110-volt outlet. The unit is made of non-corrosive materials and has steel rod braces at stress points. The brander comes with a 3/16″ or 1″ stainless steel branding iron.

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