Does Kief Get You Higher Than Bud

Does Kief Get You Higher Than Bud

In the marijuana world, there’s a lot of confusion about what kief is and how it differs from bud. Is kief just regular bud that hasn’t been ground up? Does kief get you higher than bud? If so, why? And what are the best ways to collect both kief and bud? In this article I’ll answer these questions and more.

What Is Kief

If you’ve smoked marijuana, then you’ve probably seen kief. Kief is the sticky, shiny stuff that falls off of buds when they’re ground up or broken apart. It looks a lot like trichomes—the little mushroom-like growths on cannabis plants responsible for storing all the THC and other cannabinoids that make you feel high—but it’s actually just the crystals from those glands. If your weed has kief on it, that means it’s more potent than if it doesn’t have any!

Kief is incredibly popular among recreational users for its ability to get one really stoned very quickly (most people would say “smoked out of their minds,” but I’m trying to be polite here). It’s also used by medical marijuana patients who need higher doses of THC than typical strains can provide; since there are so many more cannabinoids in concentrated form in every dose of kief compared with regular buds, patients can simply smoke less at once to achieve effective results without going through their supply too quickly or wasting money buying larger quantities at once (which can get expensive).

What Is Bud

Bud, or the dried flowers of the female cannabis plant, is the most potent part of the plant and contains cannabinoids like THC and CBD. Bud gives you a buzz when smoked because it’s filled with lots of THC. The best way to get high from bud is through smoking it in a pipe or joint, but if you want to get really high without smoking (for example if you have health issues that prevent you from smoking), then try dabbing instead! Dabbing involves heating up your bud until it burns into an oily substance called kief which will give you intense effects compared to smoking buds straight up.

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If we had better-established definitions for all these terms—and I don’t mean just words like “high” but also things like “potent”—then maybe this wouldn’t be such an issue!

The Difference Between Kief and Bud

Kief is the crystalline form of trichomes on cannabis plants. Trichomes are tiny resin glands that grow on the leaves, stems and buds of marijuana plants. Kief is collected by removing the trichomes from the plant material and then sifting them through a mesh screen to separate them from other plant matter. Kief has a higher concentration of cannabinoids—the active chemicals in cannabis—than regular buds, so you can get high faster with less kief than you would need to smoke or vape bud alone.

Kief can be used as an alternative to smoking or vaping weed in several ways: You can sprinkle it into joints like tobacco; use it as a topping for brownies or cookies; mix it into edibles like hot chocolate mix or buttery popcorn bake; dab it with waxes such as honey oil (a type of hash oil), shatter (a type of hashish), live resin (a more potent version of concentrates) and bubble hash (another name for kief).

How to Collect Kief

Now that we’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to learn how to collect kief. By far, the most popular way of doing so is with a grinder. Grinders can be purchased from many different places, including head shops and dispensaries.

The second most popular way of collecting kief is through use of a kief catcher. These are small devices that fit on top of your bowl or bong and capture all the trichomes in one fell swoop when you smoke out of it (or “clear” your bowl). They’re especially useful if you don’t want to pick through your buds yourself after smoking them; simply dump them into whatever container you’ve chosen for collecting trichomes (such as a jar or bag) without worrying about getting any plant matter mixed up with your goodies!

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If neither of these options appeal to you personally—or if they just aren’t available where you live—then there are other ways too! Some people like using sifters instead because they tend not only collect more material than other methods but also allow users greater control over how fine their product ends up being once separated from its core material (which means less work later on down lines). Other common alternatives include using:

  • A Kief Boxes: These contain holes sized specifically so only tiny pieces fall through while larger ones get caught by screens inside each compartment at either end . . . perfect for when someone wants high quality cannabis resin but doesn’t necessarily have time/money enough yet still needs something quick & easy.”

How to Collect Bud

To get the most out of your Kief, you’ll want to collect it from your dry buds.

  • Collect a large amount of dry marijuana buds and separate them into smaller piles based on the density of their quality.
  • Place each pile into a separate vacuum bag and seal it shut with a rubber band or string for easy transport to your desired location for grinding (a garage, basement, etc). 3. Grind up all the pieces as finely as possible using a hand grinder or food processor – do not use electric grinders as they can damage your product significantly over time! A small amount will go a long way here though so don’t worry about being too thorough just yet

The Final Hit

Kief is an extract of cannabis. It’s made from trichomes, which are the little crystals that grow on buds. The resin collected from these trichomes is called kief and it contains THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids (the compounds in marijuana that get you high). There are a couple different ways to collect kief: one way involves using a grinder (like this one) or press (like the hash press), but the easiest way is by putting your bud into some kind of silk screening bag or glass container with fine mesh screens at the bottom. Then all you have to do is shake up your flower until all those golden crumbs fall through into whatever device you’re using as storage!

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Kief gets you high.

Kief is the crystallized trichomes of the cannabis plant. This is the most potent part of the plant and tends to be more popular than smoking buds because it can provide a more intense high. If you want to experience greater effects from your marijuana, then kief may be for you.

Kief gets you high.

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