Difference Between John Deere 1025r And 2025r

Difference Between John Deere 1025r And 2025r

This article is going to provide a comprehensive comparison of the features and specifications of two of John Deere’s most popular sub-compact utility tractors. These are the 1025r, which was released in 2014, and the 2025r. The goal is to help you decide which of these two tractors best suits your needs. Read on to find out more!


Both the 1025R and 2025R have diesel engines with four cylinders. The 1025R, however, has a Tier 3 engine while the 2025R has a Tier 4 engine. This means that your choice depends on whether you are looking for an earlier model or newer one.

The transmission of both these models is also different: The 1025R has a 4×2 transmission while the 2025R has a 4×4 transmission. The horsepower rating of each model is 12.5HP (Horsepower).


The second difference between the John Deere 1025r and 2025r is their power. The 2025r is bigger and more powerful than the John Deere 1025r. This means that there are less challenges when using this machine, because it can lift heavier materials.

The construction of both machines is similar, but they have some key differences in terms of design and functionality:

  • The 2025R has a larger engine than the 1025R—a 50 horsepower Kawasaki V-twin engine with liquid cooling versus a 40 horsepower Kubota V-twin engine with air cooled technology.
  • The transmission on each machine has been upgraded to accommodate more torque from its new powerhouse engine; 1st gear on each transmission has been increased by 4%, 2nd gear by 8%, 3rd gear by 7%, 4th gear by 5%, fifth gear remains unchanged at 12%.
  • The fuel tank capacity for both models was also increased as well; you’ll get up to 2 hours worth of run time with each fill up on either model now!
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Fuel tank

The fuel tank capacity of the 1025r is 6.6 gallons while that of the 2025r is 6.6 gallons.

Lift capacity

The lift capacity of the 1025r is 9,000 lbs. While at first this may seem like a lot, it’s actually quite low compared to other tractors in its class. The 2025r has a lift capacity of 12,000 lbs and can carry more than double the amount of weight that the 1025r can.


The 2025r has a hydrostatic transmission, while the 1025r has a manual transmission. This means that you can select your speed with a lever on the handlebars of your 2025r, whereas you would have to shift gears manually with your right hand on the 1025r. This can be annoying if you’re used to driving cars and want something easier or if you have arthritis, but it also makes it easier to get started in mud or snow because there’s no shifting involved!

The hydrostatic option means that both ranges of speeds are available at any time: low range (1-2 mph) for working around obstacles and high range (6-8 mph) for getting through tough terrain quicker. With either machine, though, these top speeds will be somewhat limited by tire traction—the faster your tires spin, the more likely they’ll slip and slide uncontrollably! If this happens frequently enough

John Deere 1025r is a more compact tractor, designed for hobby farmers, landscapers and small property owners.

John Deere 1025r is a more compact tractor, designed for hobby farmers, landscapers and small property owners. The 2025r model is a bigger tractor that’s better suited to larger farms and acreages.

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John Deere 1025r (also known as the Tractors) is a lightweight machine that weighs just under 1 tonne when fully loaded with fuel and oil. The engine is 6 cylinder which gives it enough power to do most jobs around the farm while being easy to maneuver around tight spaces that you may need access too such as sheds or gardens etc., The front loader arm can be raised or lowered by simply pulling on two levers located on either side of seat area which makes it easier if you want adjust height depending on what job needs doing such as picking up hay bales from ground level then lifting them into loft storage area etc., You can also move bucket back towards driver seat so driver doesn’t have bend down too far when loading/unloading materials into trailer etc.,

you have now a better understanding of the key differences between John Deere 1025r and 2025r.

In the end, it depends on your needs and budget. Both are great tractors and will serve you well!

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