Companion Planting Blueberries Strawberries

Companion Planting Blueberries Strawberries


What Companion Plants?

Companion planting is a gardening technique that involves growing a variety of plants together to provide a benefit to each other. These benefits can be positive, neutral or negative interactions between the plants. Companion plantings may be used by gardeners to improve the health and yield of their plants.

Companion planting is often practiced in permaculture, organic gardening and traditional agriculture as an alternative to chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

Mint is a good plant to grow with strawberries.

  • Mint (Mentha) is a good plant to grow with strawberries.
  • Mint helps repel slugs, aphids, and other pests.
  • Mint helps strawberries grow better.
  • Mint is a good companion plant for other berries too!

Beans are great for nitrogen fixing and will also keep away many pests

Beans are a great companion plant for strawberries. They help with nitrogen fixing, pest control and soil health—all three of which are important to growing happy and healthy berries.

Beans can be planted quite close to strawberry plants because they don’t have any diseases or pests themselves. This means that you don’t need to worry about them getting sick from the same things, which makes it easy for them both to thrive together.

The beans will also fix nitrogen in the soil around your strawberry patch, reducing the need for fertilizers (which can be expensive!). This will save you money over time as well!

Plant your blueberries with onions or garlic, which provide sulfur, a nutrient that helps blueberries fight off fungi.

Blueberries need sulfur, a nutrient that helps them fight off fungi. Onions and garlic are both rich in sulfur, so you can grow them in the same garden as your blueberries without any problems.

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Alyssum and phlox are great choices to help prevent leaf fungus.

Alyssum and phlox are both flowers that are great choices to help prevent leaf fungus. They’re easy to grow and look pretty, too!

  • Alyssum is a perennial flower that grows well in full sun or partial shade. It’s known for its white blooms, but you can also find varieties with pink, purple or yellow flowers.
  • Phlox come in several different colors—you’ll typically see pink, purple or white blossoms on these plants. Their flowers bloom all season long!

You can grow blueberries and strawberries together in the same garden, but make sure you use the right companion plants!

If you want to grow blueberries and strawberries together, then it is best to use companion plants. Companion plants can help your blueberries and strawberries grow better, healthier, and more.

The first thing that you will need to do is consider what kinds of companion plants are going to work with both your berries. You want something that will help them grow strong roots and protect them from pests and diseases. Blueberries tend not to like their feet wet, so if you live somewhere where the ground tends not be dry most of the time, then you may want some kind of tall flower next door (like sunflowers) or even an arbor over top of them so that they get air circulation but still get enough sun on their leaves for photosynthesis purposes as well as protection against frost at night during winter months when temperatures drop too low for most other fruit trees outside under similar conditions except pomegranates which are hardy enough even in colder climates like northern Europe where it gets cold enough!

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