Chicken Coops Tractor Supply

Chicken Coops Tractor Supply

TSC carries chicken coops, including traditional and deluxe styles. We also carry poultry pens, nesting boxes and other essentials for chicken care.

TSC carries Chicken Coops.

TSC carries chicken coops. TSC carries chicken coops in a variety of styles, sizes, colors and materials for your backyard.

Chicken Coop Styles

  • Traditional Chicken Coops
  • Modern Chicken Coops

Chicken Coop Sizes

Enchanted Cottage Chicken · Enchanted Cottage Chicken.

Enchanted Cottage Chicken.

This is a beautiful, open-air coop that can be used for smaller breeds of chickens. It has an A-frame design and features a nesting box, sliding door, roof vents and chicken door on the side. There are also chicken ramps and ladder as well as a roost for your birds to sleep on top at night time. With this coop you get a feeder and waterer included with it so all you have to do is pick out some chickens (if you haven’t already got some) and start having fun!

Traditional Chicken Coop · Traditional Chicken Coop.

A traditional chicken coop is a small building, such as a shed or other structure, in which chickens are kept. A traditional chicken coop may be used for egg laying hens, meat birds or both. A traditional chicken coop could also be used by someone with only one pet bird. Some people use the term “traditional” when they want to stress that they are not talking about an existing style of construction; instead they mean something else altogether (like being “green”).

Traditional Chicken Coops

When I say “traditional” I mean old-fashioned and not up-to-date—the way things were done back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Traditional means you don’t think outside of your box​and it doesn’t matter if you’re using electricity or gas powered tools: those are all modern conveniences we can do without if push comes to shove and there’s no power grid left anymore!

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Deluxe Wood & Wire Poultry Playpen · Deluxe Wood & Wire …

The Deluxe Wood & Wire Poultry Playpen is made of a wire frame and wood panels. It measures 32″ x 32″ x 32″, and is portable and easy to move. The coop has a removable roof, floor, roosting bar, and 2-in-1 nesting box.

Poultry Hutch – Eglu Go Up · Poultry Hutch – Eglu Go Up.

The Eglu Go Up is a chicken coop that’s easy to assemble. The design of this coop makes it easy to clean, so you won’t have to worry about your chickens being dirty or messy when they return home at night. It also features a large run for your chickens to roam around in, which will give them plenty of room and exercise while they are out exploring their surroundings.

Backyard Basics Wooden Hen House · Backyard Basics Wooden Hen House. …

This is a two-story hen house. It’s made of wood, and it comes with a large nesting box, roosting bar, removable bottom, removable top, removable side panels and removable back panel.

Extra Large Country Style Chicken Coop with Nesting Box and …

Extra Large Country Style Chicken Coop with Nesting Box and Cover

This extra large country style chicken coop is perfect for your flock. Features include two nest boxes, one roosting bar, 4 windows, and a hinged door. This coop is made of cedar wood and wire mesh construction with a shingle roof for added durability. It measures 30″ x 60″ x 48″, has an approximate weight of 140 lbs., ships via UPS or freight carrier (delivery fees may apply), comes with free shipping to the lower 48 states only (this item cannot ship outside the USA) and returns are not accepted unless product arrived damaged or defective (returns must be authorized within 14 days from date of purchase). The price starts at $479.99 but can vary depending on which size you choose to purchase as well as any applicable sales tax amounts that apply in your area.”

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Wooden Farmhouse Style Poultry Pen · Wooden Farmhouse Style Poultry Pen. …

This wooden coop is easy to clean and maintain. It has a nesting box and a door for easy access.

It’s raised off the ground so your chickens can’t get wet or muddy while they’re outside.

You’ll love the ramp that leads up to their new home so you don’t have to carry them!

Backyard Basics Two-Story Barn A Frame Style Chicken Coop …

The Backyard Basics Two-Story Barn A-Frame Style Chicken Coop is the perfect way to house your flock of hens. This chicken coop can be assembled in 1-2 hours, is easy to clean, and can be painted or stained. The unit comes with a nesting box for laying eggs as well as a door for access. Because it has two levels of space (one for chickens and one for food), this unit can hold 8-10 chickens at once.

If you are looking for an enclosed shelter that will keep the elements out while still allowing plenty of air circulation, this may not be the best option for you; however, if you’re just looking for something basic and simple then this might work well!

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