Can You Raise Chickens And Turkeys Together

Can You Raise Chickens And Turkeys Together

Raising chickens and turkeys together is possible, but it can quickly get very messy. Turkeys will eat the eggs of your chicken flock and they will fight with each other. They require very similar coop setups, but turkeys are more sensitive to temperature fluctuations than chickens are. It’s difficult to raise different types of birds in the same space because of their dietary differences and because the dominance hierarchy that inevitably forms among the birds can lead to stress or even death for some. This article will help you figure out whether raising chickens and turkeys together is right for you based on your needs as well as theirs.

Turkeys and chickens are different species

Chickens and turkeys are different species. Chickens are domesticated versions of the red junglefowl, while turkeys were domesticated from wild turkeys that were native to North America. As a result, chickens are much smaller than turkeys, who grow to be about twice as large as your average chicken! In addition to this difference in size, there are also differences in behavior between the two types of poultry. Turkeys tend to be much more aggressive than chickens and will defend their territory aggressively if they feel threatened or provoked by another animal entering their space.

It is possible to raise chickens and turkeys together

It is possible to raise chickens and turkeys together, as long as you’re prepared for some difficulties. Turkeys are larger than chickens and more aggressive by nature. They will need more space and more food than a chicken would need on its own.

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Turkeys can be more destructive than chickens if they have access to your house or other valuable property, so they should be kept in a separate enclosure until they are mature enough to not destroy anything outside their enclosure without supervision. Young turkeys may also imprint on humans who feed them when young (especially if those humans wear hats), which can make them less afraid of humans later in life, but this isn’t always the case—it depends on how careful you are when interacting with young turkeys.

Because turkeys grow much larger than chickens do, they require significantly more feed per pound of weight gained over time; this means that raising a pair of adult birds will cost considerably more money than raising two adult hens would cost!

Turkeys live longer than chickens

Turkeys live longer than chickens.

Turkeys can live to 10 years old, while chickens average about 5 years.

This means that if you are not prepared for the eventual passing of your poultry friends, turkeys will be able to provide eggs or meat for you long after their chicken counterparts have retired from service in your backyard coop.

Chickens and turkeys do not necessarily get along well

Are you thinking of raising chickens and turkeys together? Before you do, consider the following:

  • Turkeys are much more aggressive than chickens. If you have an adult turkey in the house, it might try to attack your chickens or other birds—and even humans!
  • Turkeys can be protective of their food. When they eat out of the same bowl as your chickens, they may fight over who gets to eat first or last. This could result in injuries on both sides.
  • Turkeys and chickens can be territorial when kept together. This can lead to fighting over territory (food, water) as well as pecking order within the flock/gaggle/herd/troupe… whatever you want to call it!
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You may need a larger coop for turkeys

If you’re planning to raise turkeys in addition to chickens, you’ll need a larger coop. Turkeys are larger than chickens and require more room to roam. They also like to roost higher up than chickens, so it’s important that the coop have plenty of roosting space. Additionally, turkeys will scratch around the ground much more than chickens do, so your coop must be able to withstand this wear-and-tear on its flooring and walls.

If you have the right conditions, it is possible to raise chickens and turkeys together

If you have the right conditions, it is possible to raise chickens and turkeys together.

If you want to try this out, here’s what you will need:

  • The coop should be large enough for both species and have sufficient ventilation.
  • You must make sure that the turkeys won’t eat the chickens or vice versa by providing plenty of food (like grass clippings) that they can access easily.

Here’s how one person did it:

So, can you raise chickens and turkeys together? The answer is yes, but it may not be the best idea. While turkeys are a great source of protein, they can quickly become aggressive toward other birds in your flock. If you decide to keep chickens and turkeys together, be sure to give them each enough space so they don’t fight or bully one another.

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