Black Owned Flower Shop Brooklyn

In recent years, several Black-owned flower shops have opened up across Brooklyn. For example:

  • South Slope’s Venus Flowers has some of the most beautiful arrangements in New York City. They also provide delivery (if you’re local) or shipping services, so you can get flowers sent to your friends and family across the country.
  • Bedstuy’s Black Vines is a gorgeous boutique that specializes in event florals and designs. They will work with you to create the bouquet of your dreams!
  • Clinton Hill’s Afrodesia’s Creations is an Afro-inspired floral studio that sells everything from freshly cut flowers and bouquets to plants and other gifts, like incense and candles.
  • Dumbo’s Floressence has been a fixture in Brooklyn for over eight years, providing wholesome floral arrangements using only locally sourced flowers. What started out as a small business selling fresh roses from their home has grown into one of the best flower shops around!

South Slope

  • Bed-Stuy
  • Clinton Hill
  • Dumbo
  • Red Hook, Brooklyn.
  • Flatbush and Crown Heights.


Bed-Stuy is a neighborhood in the northwestern portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn, and is one of the major African American communities in Brooklyn. The neighborhood has been one of many to see an influx of gentrification over recent years, but it still retains much of its culture and identity as an African American community.

Clinton Hill

Clinton Hill is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. It is named after the early 19th century farmer, farmer and politician DeWitt Clinton. Clinton Hill is located east of Fort Greene, south of Prospect Heights, west of Bedford-Stuyvesant, and north of Williamsburg. The neighborhood’s boundaries are roughly defined by Fulton Street to the east; Classon Avenue to the west; Washington Park to the south; and Atlantic Avenue/Flatbush Avenue Extension (I-878) to the north. The area that became known as “Clinton Hill” originally formed part of the town plot for “Colonial New York City.” It was established as a township by royal charter in 1770 under its original name “Kings County” which lasted until it was reorganized into ten counties on 23 March 1800. After a brief period as independent villages from 1814 through 1834 when they were absorbed back into Kings County , these same areas became incorporated within what would become modern day Brooklyn Borough by way of three separate acts passed between May 1836 and June 1837:

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In 1898 Clinton Hill was annexed by New York City along with all five other boroughs; at this time it had approximately 600 houses on 200 blocks covering an area bounded by Lafayette Avenue (then called DeKalb Ave.) on one end down toward Manhattan Bridge Road (then called Columbia Street) at another side opposite Pratt Institute’s campus grounds just below present day Washington Park Plaza shopping center parking lot near Myrtle Ave., while today much more land exists between those two points including several city blocks’ worth created during construction projects since then such as Fort Greene Place development project which started demolition work late 2016 or early 2017…


The Flower Shop in Dumbo, Brooklyn and Manhattan is a flower shop offering flowers for delivery across the New York metropolitan area. We are a full service flower shop offering floral arrangements for all occasions including weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and get well wishes.

We offer same day delivery to Manhattan and Brooklyn as well as 7 days a week with no minimum order required for local deliveries.

Red Hook

Red Hook is a neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York City, United States, located in the northwestern part of the borough. The neighborhood is part of Brooklyn Community Board 6. Red Hook has long been known as a working class neighborhood.

Red Hook has beaches along its waterfront and some inland areas as well; it is connected to the rest of Brooklyn via Gowanus Expressway and Hamilton Avenue/East 10th Street (the latter also providing access to Carroll Gardens). It contains piers including Red Hook Container Terminal that bring passengers to ferries which cross New York Harbor between Manhattan and Staten Island at Whitehall Terminal (via Battery Park City Ferry Terminal) or Bay Ridge Landing (via Stuyvesant Cove Park).

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Flatbush is a neighborhood in the New York City borough of Brooklyn. In the first half of the 19th century, Flatbush was a farming community. By 1850, it had become one of the most important areas for hops production in New York State.[2] When the first European settlers arrived, Flatbush was inhabited by Native Americans for thousands of years and was part of its original territory.[3][4] The land that became Flatbush was originally purchased from a Lenape sachem named Tisquantum (or Squanto) in 1636 by Dutch colonists looking to establish New Netherland.[5] As they began to run out of space on Manhattan Island, they looked toward Long Island as an extension of their colony and petitioned Peter Minuit to purchase what would become Brooklyn; however, he declined because he was busy exploring lands further north along with Staten Island and Queens.[6] Instead they settled on Staten Island under Governor Willem Kieft where he established Fort Amsterdam; but this arrangement soon fell apart after several years due to tension between natives living there who wanted no part of European expansionism into their territory and were concerned about how this would affect them negatively once settlement began taking place.[7][8][9].

Crown Heights

Crown Heights Flower Shop:

Flower Power – 807 Nostrand Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11233 (718) 797-1400

Black Owned Brooklyn Flower Shops

Black Owned Brooklyn Flower Shops

If you are looking for a Black owned flower shop in Brooklyn, then this is the place to be. We have carefully selected some of the best flower shops in Brooklyn that offer both bouquets and arrangements. You can also get something special for your loved one with a gift basket or customized cake.

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If you are looking for a black owned flower shop in Brooklyn then check out our list of the best in town! You can visit any one of these stores for all your floral needs or just to pick up some bouquets that will brighten up any room. We hope this information has been helpful to those who need it.

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