Best Way To Keep Goats Fenced In

Goats are smart animals with sharp teeth and a keen sense of curiosity. They can be excellent pets and companions, but they’ll need to be kept in a fenced area so they don’t escape and cause problems. There are several ways to keep goats fenced in, including using electric fencing and adding netting over the top of the fence.

Goats need a lot of room to roam and play

Goats are social animals and thrive on interaction with their herd. They need to run around and play, not be cooped up in a small area. If your goats are confined to a small space all day, they will not be happy. Goats need to graze as well as climb trees or other objects to practice their natural behavior of being able to escape predators by jumping over fences and hedges. The best way to ensure that your goats have enough space is by using electric fencing with ground rods so that you can add more acreage onto the current area if needed without having to move the electric wire itself

Keep the fence at least 5 feet high

When it comes to goat fencing, a minimum of 5 feet is the standard recommended height. The reason? Goats are very good at escaping enclosures and will do so if given half a chance. They can jump over fences that are only 4 feet high (some claim even 3 feet), climb over them, and dig under them as well.

Fences made of wood or wire mesh need to be buried at least 6 inches in the ground to prevent goats from digging under them and chewing on the fence posts that support it once they’re firmly established in your yard. Metal fencing works best because it is sturdier than wood or wire mesh and therefore harder for goats to chew on or push through with their horns and hooves—plus metal lasts longer than either of those two materials does when exposed to weather conditions such as rainstorms, snowfall, sun exposure etcetera.”

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Use a woven wire fence with 1″x1″ holes

When it comes to fencing, woven wire is the best option. The holes are small enough that goats cannot get through them, but big enough to allow water and air to pass through. As a bonus, woven wire is stronger than barbed wire and more expensive than barbed wire, so you can expect your investment in woven fencing to last a long time!

Woven wire fences are also harder to cut than barbed ones—which means that thieves will be less likely to steal them—and they’re easier to install because they don’t need posts or other support structures like wooden boards or metal pieces inserted into the ground (which would take extra time).

Use electric fencing to keep goats in their fence

Electric fencing is a good way to keep goats in their fence, but it should be installed outside it. Electric fences are more effective when they are at least five feet high and on a wire mesh fence. The electric wires should be 3-5 inches away from the ground to prevent goats from getting electrocuted if they come into contact with them. It’s also important not to install the electric wires lower than one foot off the ground because goats won’t run into them often if there’s no height difference between what they’re standing on and where they’re running toward.

Install an electric fence inside the regular fence

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Use netting over the top of electric fencing

Netting may be a good option if you have a lot of trees or other obstacles that you need to keep goats away from. The netting can be used to keep the animals in, or just as easily as a barrier to keep predators out. It’s easy to install and remove, so it’s easy for you to move it around when needed.

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Use a combination of fences, including electric, to keep goats fenced in.

Electric fencing is a good option for goats. It’s less expensive than other types of fencing and can be combined with other types of fence to keep your goats in and out of areas you want them to stay away from.


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