Best Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

Best Heartworm Medicine For Dogs

Heartworms are a terrible disease for dogs, and one of the best things you can do to protect your beloved pet is to give it heartworm preventative medicine. Unfortunately, there are so many different types of heartworm medication out there that it can be hard to know which one works best. In this article we’ll discuss the pros and cons of each type of heartworm medication available and help you choose the right treatment option for your furry friend’s health.

Sentinel Spectrum Tasty Chews

Sentinel Spectrum is a monthly chewable that’s safe for puppies, kittens, pregnant and lactating dogs, and dogs over 6 months of age. It’s also safe for dogs over 10 pounds (4.5 kg).

In general, you can start using this medication when your dog is 6 months old—but if you wait until he or she is 7 months old or older before starting the treatment plan, it will be more effective at preventing heartworms in addition to other parasites.

Nexgard Spectra Chewables

Nexgard Spectra Chewables are a chewable flea and tick prevention medicine for dogs only. Nexgard Spectra Chewables should be given to dogs 6 weeks or older as a soft chew, once a month. The active ingredient is spinosad, which kills fleas and ticks (including the American dog tick, brown dog tick and lone star tick) by paralyzing them before they can lay eggs or bite the pet. It also treats roundworms, hookworms and whipworms in dogs six weeks of age or older. In case you have any questions about this product or other heartworm medicines available on Pet Care RX’s website, we encourage you to contact our customer service team at 1-844-866-7387.

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Revolution is a heartworm medication for dogs. It’s also the best heartworm medicine for dogs, but it’s also a prescription medication. You’ll need to ask your veterinarian if you want to use Revolution on your dog, and they’ll work with you to find the right dosage and frequency of treatment. Revolution is an oral chewable tablet that needs to be taken monthly in order to prevent heartworms in dogs.

Tri-Heart Plus

Tri-Heart Plus is a heartworm preventive that protects your dog from all stages of heartworm disease. It kills adult, larval and newly-emerging immature worms. It also kills hookworms and roundworms, which are intestinal parasites.

Tri-Heart Plus is safe for use in puppies as young as six weeks old, pregnant or nursing bitches, breeding dogs and lactating females that have nursing puppies less than 12 weeks old.


Trifexis is a once-a-month pill that protects against heartworms, hookworms, roundworms and whipworms. It also kills fleas and prevents flea infestations for one month. Trifexis kills ticks for up to three months with each dose.

Trifexis is available in two dosages: For dogs weighing 11 to 20 pounds: one 10-pound tablet every month; for dogs weighing 21 to 55 pounds: one 30-pound tablet every month; for dogs weighing 56 pounds or more: two 30-pound tablets every month

Interceptor Plus

Interceptor Plus is a monthly chewable tablet that protects against heartworms and fleas. It is available in three sizes: large, medium, and small.

Interceptor Plus is the most expensive heartworm medicine on this list.

Iverhart Max Soft Chew

Iverhart Max Soft Chew is a heartworm preventative that comes in the form of a chewable, once-a-month tablet. The medication is designed to be given orally on a monthly basis with food.

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Iverhart Max consists of two active ingredients: milbemycin oxime and praziquantel (as in Iverhart Plus). These ingredients work together to treat and prevent heartworms as well as other types of parasites such as hookworms and roundworms. The combination also helps control fleas in your dog’s coat by killing any larvae before they reach adulthood; this can help reduce the number of fleas your dog experiences throughout their life span.

Heartgard Plus Flavor Tabs

Heartgard Plus Flavor Tabs are a chewable tablet that dogs can’t chew, making them easy for both you and your dog to administer. They are flavored with beef and pork liver flavoring, so your dog will enjoy taking his or her monthly heartworm pill. These medications are given once a month to help prevent heartworms in dogs over 6 weeks old and weighing 2 pounds or more.

You should give your dog heartworm medicine to protect it from this potentially fatal disease.

Heartworm disease is caused by the parasitic worm Dirofilaria immitis, which can be prevented with medication and treatment.

Dogs can contract heartworm from mosquitoes that bite an infected animal, then transfer it to another dog through bites or when they feed on the blood of both animals. This cycle continues as mosquitoes continue to spread the disease.

Heartworm is treatable but not curable, and it has been proven fatal in many cases of untreated dogs. Heartworm prevention medications are widely available OTC or through prescription at your veterinarian’s office; most will also provide free testing so you know whether your pet may have been exposed to this potentially fatal disease before administering a preventative treatment plan

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Heartworm disease is a serious condition that can kill your dog. Heartworm medication is the best way to protect it from this deadly disease. There are many brands and types of heartworm medications available in the market today. The choice of which drug you should use will depend on factors such as your dog’s size, age and breed. We hope this article has helped you learn more about these drugs so that you can make an informed decision when choosing which one would be best suited for your pet’s needs.

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